Thursday, July 10, 2014

Exposing the standard practice of the undercover Nazi coward

Exposing the standard practice of the undercover Nazi coward I believed their lies and propaganda just shut down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhoods and you won’t have these undesirables hanging around out front, when really shut down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhoods and when these Nazi come after you with the crave, you will be forced to do the chemicals or drugs that the pharmaceutical companies are pushing that year- these Nazi come into your life boasting about the money to be made and always a great source of good high quality drugs, at first. They are free to push their drugs and trash with impunity and build up whoever is a good stooge for them. “ill sell you a ounce for $80.00 a quarter for $60.00 and a quarter pound for $120.00, when you ask just for the quarter you quickly see in their body language, that gives them away, I’ll take the quarter this week but maybe next week ill take the pound, I figured if these cowards were going to fuck with me it would be my honor to follow the laws play by the rules, I learned you might get lucky once or twice to make it home, as long as they can profit, or you give good head, I soon realized they don’t just steal cars from the handicap or attack cancer patient for nothing they are major sponsors of their anti drug programs- the drug war is for a select group to play high roller and god while the average person is forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized. They couldn’t send 13 million dollars to Yemen selling fake weed, their trash and chemicals in Arkansas without their drug war, they get to make $250.00 form one pack of cigarettes in hovers holiday hotel, and once they label you no agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie, you are forever guilty, no amount of truth can disprove their lie, they are not paid to write nice reports on criminals and the smoker the heterosexual are forever a criminal. They don’t just sabotage marriages in Richmond California, and hovers holiday hotel with their group showers and cavity searches are not built by gross incompetence or negligence but by design. They target the decedent American male while they have their Iranian dancing boys and LBG youth outreach, you couldn’t have a heterosexual youth outreach. They are masters at creating hate, anger, jealousy and violence, I am and have always been a celebrate preacher and ordained minister I just refuse to join them in their hatred of god and his creations and since their weapons are forever classified and their war is just too important so you are just suppose to believe it’s just another crazy black man talking to himself on the street corner, pink Floyd another crazy said it best “if we catch you in the backseat trying to pick her up we will send you home back to mother in a cardboard box.” Since man only sees and hears 1billionth of true reality then the only way to get free is to go international, start an investigation internationally, because the corruption is top down protocol and the rest of the world needs to know what they are doing. Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly its not to late to change our fate and stop these snakes before they turn this world into another anti drinking anti smoking state. What better way to start an investigation than to shock them with the first page of the Christian bible God saw what he made and it was good; you don’t like what god created rot in hell. Show me your bible or show me your science, read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND

Monday, June 23, 2014

Cut back on education?

Man only sees and hears only one billionth of the true world, if he’s not seeing things in ultraviolet, inferred, gamma, thermo imaging, if he’s not filming at 1,000,000 frames a second he’s not seeing the real world – sound technology is classified information, if he’s not listening at super low or high frequency he’s not hearing the real world. The drug war is for a select group of people so they can play god while the rest of the world is forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized for using the power over the plants and animals god has granted all people in the first page of the holy scriptures- the hand is quicker than the eye and the machines is a hell of a lot quicker than the hand- a few David Copperfield and Chris Angle magic tricks and a little high technology mixed with medical monopoly tricks and anyone can play god and criminalize their enemy. We have seen they don’t just try to kill the San Diego student who attends a 420 party they don’t just spray paraquat on the weed knowing it does nothing but give the smoker cancer and they don’t just steal cars from the handicap for weed, they are carrying out a genocide while they feed the gangs endless amounts of money- but cut back on education its easier to dominate over an ignorant population and you can be assured its just another crazy black man talking to himself on the street corner, you can be assured it’s just another week willed individual who need to be converted to the right wing agenda after all the only thing different from the “Taliban and the right wing is ones a cult” and once the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always suppose to loose- what will you do when they come after you with the crave? Science fiction or science fact are you willing to condemn the first page of the Christian bible the power over the plants and animals god has granted ,condemn the American declaration of independence “gods nature and his natural goodness entitled to all men because these gay Nazi want to claim we are criminals and they are not paid to write nice reports on smoker, they are paid to disrupt the criminal element that’s anyone who won’t bend over for them—read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Typical American male

The Typical American male The Santa Barbara shooter is your typical American male today but most of them just turn gay instead of turning to shooters, The gays have a biblical right to exist; someone’s personal sexual preferences should be of no one’s concern but the parties involved; but before we have to bury another American subjected to a gay agenda, a program that is designed to eliminate the decedent American heterosexual as they use their phony morality to demonize Adam and Eve let the facts speak for themselves. • From their marriage tax which penalized the married heterosexual • They allow gays in prison to live with their lovers while denying the heterosexual a heterosexual prison • all porn is gay anyone who has looked a playboy magazine is subjected to child porn charges because Madonna was under 18 years of age when she posed for them •They can control your computer and flood you with their porn instead of art •the working class American has to spend $40,000.00in order to woo his wife •after spendingthe best they offer a smoker is meth addict • The captain of the us navy ship has to sell military secrets for the possibility of getting laid • they will give the gay free sex change operation as long as they are in prison • A pat on the ass is only allowed for men who play football do it to someone of the opposite sex and it sexual harassment, abuse and assault • Claiming it takes 20 years for a girl to get to a phone or secretly pass a message to someone that she’s being abused but instead they take her word a destroy the males life • The head of the IMF is a perfect example a girl makes a baseless accusation a he’s subjected to Hovers holiday hotel where they would hold the average person in overcrowded conditions, group showers and cavity searches • They try to shame the America male for asking a girl out, his name, address and phone number gets published ( not the whores) in the news paper because she wanted some money upfront. • They want to claim the girl who is 20 years old is being sexually harassed and abused because a guy 50 asked her out ,(no gospel of Ruth or Ezekiel here) • They claim that you need to have a breathalyzer test done on a girl before you take her home from a bar because if he has sex with her it’s called drunk rape • The hooker on the street ,when she is busted all she needs to claim is she is being human trafficked , she couldn’t borrow someone’s phone or run into a store and ask for help but if she testifies against her protector, her pimp she can walk free • They work to run the heterosexual broke; gays can prosper because they are just good at networking right? • While in the past the girl would be thinking about a boy friend today she pulls out her hair or starves herself or even kills her other girl friend just to see what it’s like because she can’t get laid • Keep them separated is not just a song • When the guy breaks up with the girl she claims she was raped and in Illinois the guy spends 7 years in jail until she finds god and fesses up to her lie • The women, children are taught use the rape word as a 2 cent word, as they claim rape or attempted rape even a wife changing her mind about having sex, they claim that its the same as a guy grabbing a girl off the street at knife point, it’s both rape but then they are going to keep them from that sin • The girl 17 really didn’t want to have sex it’s the immoral male who needs to be taught the new American morality they need to be kept separated • While the lesbians in training can afford to ride the bus the heterosexuals are forced to walk • The lesbian tells the other just listen to the voices in your head they will tell you what’s right and of course sound technology is classified information Hover and his gang of gay cowards only use it against the criminal right • When they search peoples packs of cigarettes going to a rock concert you know they will use whatever means necessary to control the population against the heterosexual • They guy can’t afford $ 20.00 to walk down to the store and enjoy God’s blessing instead he has to kidnap her in order to have sex. • Sabotaging marriages of the heterosexual in Richmond California is not just an oddity • They flood the population with Muslims while denying any single Thai, or Japanese’s girls • They stone the Mary Magdalene, the modern day Ruths, good Samaritans and king David wives far worse today than they ever did in the past, using their drug war and economic, social and emotional sabotage •They justify doing their evil deeds to the nymphomaniacs because god just didn’t know what he was doing when he created them • They emotionally bankrupt the women of today using sound technology and high tech weapons • They prostitute the children put pictures on social media claiming they just want some lovers or friends and when they guy come to help her out 20/20 news camera is there to claim that’s its just a child and it was all a set up , although he just wanted to get laid by anyone of the opposite sex and she’s taught how to screw the man over because there were no older women available for him • If you see a hot person of the opposite sex and you beat off to that persons nude photo he’s guilty because they will claim the person in the photo is being victimized each time someone looks at them. • They attack the American service men while it has a history as long as man, whores are now outlawed in Korea and Japan but that only affects the American who can’t read the language, while the prostitute in the Philippines is driven underground because it is better she go to the city dump and collect plastic 2cents a pound than to keep a male happy, but if a military man is stupid enough to engage in the goodness of god then she can make big money black mail or claiming rape. • Hover holiday hotel isn’t built by gross incompetence or negligence but by design to carry out population control and promote their gay agenda. • It use to be you could see a girls tits if you went to a R rated movie but now all the morals of the stories are the same you can’t see a cute girl without some type of violence happening to her if she’s even the slights immoral ( she gets what she disserves for being immoral ) is always the same theme • The American girl learns that it is better for her to drown than to show someone her tits and of course during Mari grass you can see all the desperate men but any women who shows their tits is suddenly a child molester because they move the event to the daytime and encourage families and she’s exposing herself. • Any nerd could get laid back in the 1960s now the only way a guys can get laid is to be a good liar or have $ 150.00 for a slight possibility or just go to a gay bar and you’ll be swamped with guys •no more shaking your keys on main street to impress the women most cars are now only 4 doors better for families •$100,000.00 bail for someone impeding the flow of a pedestrian •the TV shows of the 60s, Green acres I dream of genie, all foreign wives but today they can keep the American male, the heterosexual from a livable wage job charging the heterosexual male more in insurance, paying him less than a married couple so that he cant afford to save someone from absolute poverty overseas • They work to demonize Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve Science fiction or science fact- read more in the book : ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND AN OPENING FOR THE

for bishops and popes

Honorable sir, I would like you to speak out in favor of the mortal human rights of man, to honor God and his natural goodness, the right to make the burnt offering, the right to use the power over the plants and animals god has granted to all men, the right to use the natural unadulterated god given plants as man should be free to decide for him self- for Ash Wednesday is not just 1 Holy day a year and holy should not be restricted to a few, gods in white coats whose profit driven science is to gain control of our souls along with our property rights, our personal and religious rights- from saint Nichols who always had a pipe to saint Anthony who believed the earlier you start to smoke the better- for if you don’t speak out Very soon the profit driven corporations will insist we give up all natural food and take only their GMO food after replacing the human stomach that is far inferior to their mechanical stomach, and for health reason all humans need to have their stomachs modified- if they can demand we take their contaminated vaccines and tell us we must give up our right to smoke that all humans are criminalized for god and his natural goodness- let heaven and nature sing- if these people don’t like what God created may they rot in hell, for against god and his nature is a sin-and the natural, genetic neurological, historical , ancestral and religious rights of man should not be sold out without a battle for peace liberty and justice- anti smoking, anti drinking anti Christ Thank you Ordained minister Universal life church Robert Christophel Smoking Spirit Eingspirit

Sunday, May 18, 2014

open letter toInternational criminal court

open letter toInternational criminal court Dear Honorable Sir, I would like you to consider a special act that has been perpetrated against the American people, against all humanity with deliberate or intentional complicity in denying modern man the natural, ancestral, genetic, neurological, historical and religious rights; to be a MORTAL Human. With fraudulent science the medical monopoly, the oil industry, and the drug war work in unionism to promote their pharmaceutical over the natural, criminalizing anyone who DARES to challenge their lies. “The medical establishment of today would not be what it is without the oil industry working closely”. This union under the Middle Eastern and the 1% control has allowed a group of select people to play god and criminalize whomever they choose. The person criminalized is left with two choices pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence and be declared a crazy hypochondriac and or forced to take whatever drugs the pharmaceutical companies are pushing this year, as he is denied the natural plant, he is denied the God given right to the power over the plants and animals God has granted to all men, Gods nature and his natural goodness is being denied, sold out They block a billion dollar hemp industry as they claim we have to give up our property rights because regardless of all the science, all the technology we can never make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully coexist. They are paid to disrupt the criminal element the smoker, the heterosexual is forever the criminal, and no judge or jury is ever needed when they come after you, (to investigate: find two sides bring unbiased facts to a jury to find for the victim, right?) They are not paid to write nice reports on pot smokers, and when they are allowed to rip you off endlessly, screw you over relentlessly sabotage you socially, emotional and finically it is time that someone speak out, and stop this racist war. When they would give life in prison for a small amount of weed or give someone five years in jail for a joint that’s five years of over crowed prisons, group showers, cavity searches and with a 90% failure rate to rehabilitate the person back into society they also have a 90% success rate on converting them to their gay agenda. The facts are over whelming that have a repeated pattern of lies and propaganda that is strictly used for the benefit of a select few, from Time Magazine to Rolling Stones and newspapers across the country have pointed out their blatant lies as far back as the LaGuardia report proving the smoker was not a criminal, to claim that its ok to attack cancer patients ,scoliosis patients and rip off the terminally ill even denying the children their medical needs and wants of the natural plants. Fraudulent and forced drug testing of all Americans ,employees-actors-musicians and artist while flooding the economy with cheap imports from slave labor with no environmental standards or drug test. The amount of systematic abuse is rampant and each time someone gets caught spraying parquet on the plant, pushing their chemicals and pot substitute so that 1 shop can send 15 million dollars to support their friends in Yemen whether its planting drugs on someone using high tech weaponry or just making baseless accusations , once a person is labeled , the next agent just has to work harder to make him whatever he has been labeled regardless of the facts and when this abuse is exposed you are to believe its just one bad apple when its top down protocol- the freedom our forefathers fought and died for is at stake unless man is granted the natural God given rights, the medical monopoly, the oil industry, and a select few will continue to make machines out of us forcing all people to take their chemicals ,contaminated vaccines GMOs and drugs that are designed not for a cure but for a profit, It will soon become mandatory that all Americans to wear a monitoring bracelet which will inform the NSA, CIA, DEA and FBI and your dr. if someone smoking a joint or eating a donut ;because Rodriguez proved their drug test was fraud. If you can speak out against these grave injustices and help restore our God given natural rights, so that we can celebrate that it was a coke head like Thomas Edison who brought us out of the dark ages, it was pot heads like George Washington, Henry Ford, Thomas Jefferson who brought us our freedom, and it was and is the smoker the drinker who won world war I and world war II because everyone knows chocolate is like weed, and coffee is self-medicating. May the torch of freedom and its smoke burn bright in to the next generation. Thank you Sincerely Robert Christophel a drug war refugee, ordained minister, journalist, writer, libertarian candidate, www.smokingspirit123.word

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Life in America today

Life in America today The 1% can use their voodoo economics and flood the states with their cheap imports as they drug test every American demanding slave labor prison labor or you become their medical experiment. No judge or jury ever needed when one of these back stabbing cowards come after you with the crave you must pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized- they target the heterosexual if you refuse to condemn Christ and his parents deny the goodness that God created as they demonize Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Eve – jail is the modern right wing rite of passage for all Americans -while china has a billion more people America has a million more criminals denied the right to exist the right to work as they rip you off endlessly and screw you over relentlessly socially emotionally and financially until they can make a criminal out of you – they change the bankruptcy laws so the people will be forced to work at minimum wage or less (begging on the streets) they can sell their garbage on the streets with impunity while the honest pot smoker/dealer is beaten in the ally with their Billy clubs. When one legal pot shop in Denver make $40,000.00 per day they make 3 times that ripping the people off feeding their gangs while a real criminal will only rip you off once trying to buy weed these cowards get to sell their garbage on the street then rip you off and hand you over to the justice system where you are then forced to pay lawyers and the court because some coward was too afraid to find real criminals its time to bring these lowlife scum to justice. their needless air powered injectors advertised in the medical journals in the 1990- they can shred a steel can (not aluminum ) using nothing but high powered air they can find black oil miles below the sea ,their flying drones can be 2 miles up on a clear day and you couldn't see or hear them- the most dangerous weapon according to the Japanize is the blow gun its not just used by south African doctors to inject people with the Aids virus ,and their weapon is not just something north Korean spies use to kill someone- they make billions subverting the true science of weed and control the crave

Friday, April 4, 2014

Us drug war is fraud is genocide

The life and times of the modern day pot smoker The life and times of the modern day pot smoker after seeing their movie reefer madness I knew their science was fraud. Seeing their propaganda telling the people of their scientific study where 5 people smoked a joint 2- are dead,1 -blew his mind 1- is in jail and the other one well they just don’t know. I knew these were outright lies and figured, this is America work hard play by the rules and I could prove their science was fraud, I had been driving since the age of 14 and getting stoned or a regular bases so I set out to prove their lies, not one of my drivers Ed courses did I go to unless I smoked a joint prior to going into class, getting high in the morning was just normal, I didn’t want them to come up with some claim that I wasn’t stoned so to mitigate any question I made sure every time before I went to class that I smoked a joint or I didn’t go to class after taking the class and passing my driver’s test I boasted on how I proved their science was fraud , but they insisted that I could not prove that I got stoned every day and any of my witness would instantly become criminal, so I had to admit that they were right, they said that the pot smoker was just stupid and again I thought I could prove them wrong so without studying I dropped out of school smoked a joint took my equivalency test and passed becoming one of the first ones to graduate from my class and again I said I prove their science was fraud, but again they came back saying the pot smoker was just a lazy criminal and would never do anything so I spent the next 30 years priding myself on hard work, honesty and good credit, then I became a land lord and land owner after 30 years of sabotaged socially, emotional and financially I could now sit back and prove beyond any reasonable doubt that their science was fraud, but then-- fire felt better that my deodorant, they dusted my bills with their poison and my bills burned like battery acid they put their poison in my water, food, steamer towels and all the while they were telling me why don’t you sell your land your home your bought and paid for retirement what does a pot smoker need his retirement bought and paid for , they don’t just steal camp ZoĆ«, they don’t just attack cancer patients and scoliosis patients for nothing maybe the torture and terror will stop, if I sold everything besides it cost $ 400.00 to test a product and you have to know what you’re looking for since they make the test they make the machines that take the test and since man only see 1 billionth of the true reality I didn’t realize what I was up against, trying to get decent weed became almost impossible they don’t just make designer steroids for the jocks and all the crack and meth that hit the streets replaced the honest pot sellers- even Time magazine points out that the true science of weed was being subverted but they couldn’t even get a debate going I knew their science was fraud but once they place their lie against you, you are forever guilty, they sent me around the world to find a joint, I was supposed to be dead and buried under their lies but by the grace of god I survived to warn the rest of the world what these gay cowards are really doing to the people read more in the book About Christians and Freedom Disclaimer a legal statement - this statement denies. responsibility. For any association or misrepresentation "these writing, this blog carries this disclaimer about the characters bearing no relation to any living persons: an are purely coincidental this statement is meant to prevent an incorrect understanding of something such as my book, blog, a movie, or my advertisements all right are copyrighted and can be reproduced as long as its not for profit terms and conditions of reproduction can change at will and for detailed information you may contact smoking spirit @ Smok Ingspirit to bc1900 1. According to the state of Missouri the people must be genetically different than the people in cal. or the other 18 states that recognize the med. need 4 weed in Cal $ - 5- for a joint while in mizuri the gangs and these back stabbing cowards push their garbage for 15 -$ they control the crave racist genocide to bc1900 Run them broke call them crazy Run them broke call them crazy it was supposed to be so simple to get someone hooked to their drugs give them an undetectable pain rip them off their weed a couple time and get them hooked to the drugs they push on the street. These Nazi can’t even keep drugs cell phone or crime out of their prisons yet we are to give up our freedom so these cowards can sit around getting drunk and stoned at tax payer expense playing high roller spending 12.9 million dollars targeting people like Cheech and Chong. I use to believe there lies and propaganda close down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhood and you won’t have these undesirables hanging around out front when really shut down the liquor stores in bad neighborhood and when these Nazi come after them with the crave they will either be forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized or do there drugs they push on the street. They have the technology to play god- they stone the Mary Magdalene far worse than they ever did back in the old days- anyone who won’t bend over for one of these gay cowards or proves their drug war is fraud or who questions there phony morality will suddenly become victim of the crave- they slowly destroy all your friends with lies and slander leaving you with just then and they are some smooth taking back stabbing cowards, fire felt better than deodorant they will put their poison in your steamer, shampoo, towels, one non lethal mixed with another non lethal but when the two mix in your body you will do anything to seek relief from their poison science fiction or science fact read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM