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Denied the right to Exist- homelessness-Arrest the Homeless-The right to bear arms-THE FRENCH

smok ingspirit to bc1900 Denied the right to Exist Denied the right to Exist the right to be human, to be mortal is so blatantly demonized that we have been conditioned to believe that its normal that the immoral American movie stars get hooked to their drugs and forced into convulsions before she’s released from prison or that jail and rehab are just something Americans have to get use to as a “rite of passage”. All the while failing to recognize that it took drugs and courage to settle the old west and although the future is no different some people sell out our freedom to these gods in white coats and their bounty hunters as they criminalize us. Man has been sitting around since the beginning of time getting drunk and stoned; he has always had smoke in his lungs, its genetic, neurological, historical and natural even religious to some. God preserved the Amazon tribes from the conquistadors to show modern man how it could be. But today these Gods and white coats and there bounty hunters are allowed to do all types of horrid activities to force the human into their anti-drinking, anti-smoking state- we are demonized for being human, for being mortal (Irish definition) as they contaminate our drugs/ smokes, take the oomph out (the buzz out?) of alcohol they over taxes us deny us a job of any type if we fail there drug test. They deny us transportation not because we crossed the yellow or white line but because we failed a medical monopoly test that was bought by some billion dollar corporation and is now law because some (foreign owned company bought and paid for a few laws?)// any highly questionable study can win FDA approval yet cannabis smokers are still attacked in Californian and our personal property rights and freedom is sold out because of there lies and propaganda that are used against us . Few recognize that it was the smoker the drinker and the drug user who won world war 1 and 2 Yet while huge number of homeless are denied the right to participate in the economy, we are forced to take drug test and denied a job, a home, a shower, lockers to store our stuff, and told we are just crazy for wanting to be human /mortal what lies and things will they do to the people of the future? if now in this day and age we are forced to give up all rights including land ownership for the social Good- the social good of the future will be population control –it will be Hovers continued assaults against the heterosexuals but only with more lies and vicious attacks, but then with their lies and propaganda you will or the next generation will never know that this country was founded on hemp-weed, tobacco, and alcohol and if God made it who are you to condemn it? We have been deceived so long and so well there is barely a light of truth remaining let the torch of freedom and its smoke burn bright into the next generation read more @ and smokingspirit123.Com Experience homelessness My experience with being homeless has been an eye opener- I never thought it would happen to me, but if it could happen to me it could happen to you, it could happen to anyone- eventually – let me tell you what to expect , first off the sanitary condition of living on the streets is horrendous for some reason Americans must have a fear of urinals, toilets and sinks that they keep them locked up in waste closets or require the poor to buy something to use them or urinate in the nearest door way and possibly get arrested for indecent exposure or some other sex crime. Get ready to give up all privacy and dignity, although our forefathers built elaborate bath houses and free opera seats for the poor not in today's society homelessness is a multi billion dollar business. And although there are some good people working within the system to help the homeless the system is badly broke and overwhelmed – get ready to stand in long lines all day long for day old food or for a shelter to spend the night In of course with fifty other men on a matt in one large room and with curfew is the best you could expect . For the homeless to accomplish one simple task in a day is a big accomplishment. what would normally take someone an hour at the most now can take all day. This system is so badly broke that I have to wonder if the hidden agenda is to feed the prison empire force the people into prison labor if they refuse to work for minimum wage or slave labor moving the homeless on from one spot to another and other physiological warfare that most homeless end up cracking and or becoming a medical experiment denying the homeless any type of security not allowing them to put up tents or use any Porta potties and with no place to store your stuff its either stolen while asleep or taken from the street cleaners so the homeless go out and steel anything that rolls our forefathers at least could have a mule or a horse to move their stuff; it seem the whole system is to make criminals out of the people where they can spend $ 30,000 a year to keep them locked away TOO many times I have seen people running out of stores into moving traffic to try to steal some food. Too many times I have seen desperate people take desperate action when only a few dollars would've kept the poor happy. let me tell you what my typical day is I get to sleep in the subway about 1:AM where noises -beeping - street cleaners and drunks are all ways present, I am awaken at 4:AM and moved on where I try to find a dry semi warm place to crash then again I am awaken at 6:AM forced to keep moving, no sitting or laying as my resumes and job search go out to a black hole looking for work becomes less and less important- I spend my day SPANGING (begging for SPAre chanNGE ) when I get enough money I can travel for hours, walking LUGGING MY STUFF around to get to a place where I can take a shower for 15 minutes that runs from hot to cold water of course going through a security that tears your bag apart while all the people stand around looking at everything you have ( tighter than airport security) either that or join some right wing religious organization who is going to save my soul, the American idea of self-reliance and independence are put to shamble as you are forced to become more and more reliant on a system that doesn’t work and forced to associate and stand in long lines with those who lack any education except how to fight or what the latest big Drama going on between bums yes some of these people are crazy, lazy, criminals or ex criminals , some are heavy drug users some are really good people but if the medical monopoly cant cure them why should the state criminalize them its so sad to see good people who are 60-90% fine most of the time but then have a terrible addiction and instead of the state caring they criminalize us and work to make criminals out of us for even asking for change which only causes more and more crime and violence but I see more are just decent people who've played by the rules all their life only to have the system steal it all, the middle class is under attack and the poor have been under attack a long time in my opion there are a few things they could do before they come after you 1. Let the people put up tents in vacant lots- some of these people will never could never fit any other way 2. Put a tax on vacant property that doubles every year that way they would lower their prices or pay the tax 3. Supply these addicts with compassionate care if the gangs can keep drug illegal they can profit – take the profit out and you will end the huge addiction problem or keep watching more and more people fall victim as they take away his will( the only thing that can stop the drug problem is education and freedom of choice) 4. If schools cant teach peace and tolerance then close them, the key to a Strong democracy is liberty and tolerance (Ben Franklin) 5. Get these high risk people who might want to commit a crime and PAY FOR PROGRESS pay them for being good citizens its a hell of a lot cheaper than incarcerating them and read more in the books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM – or AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING both by Arrest the Homeless Arrest the homeless they do cry; Complete the economic genocide. From sea to shinning sea, there is no place for him to pea. Arrest him for vagrancy, arrest him for loitering, but just insure there is no tolerance. No shelter from rain, no shower to wash away the pain. Arrest these crazy, lazy men how they do offend. Take the tax dollar they gladly spend to lock these people in a pen. Thirty thousand dollars they will spend to fill them with fear and bring to tears. No place to call home left only to Rome . Arrest the homeless they do cry for you can see it in their eyes. No food, no job and now a criminal record the probation officer won't get the message. Not a tee-pee or a tent shall be lent for that's not what their God meant. They teach them in jail how to fail and fear, fill them with violence and demand their silence. Arrest the homeless where they stand, for the drug war is at hand, They will not stand to share this land. Arrest the homeless they must cease even if a man of peace. They don't pray in our church but play in the dirt. Look she has no skirt! It the moral thing to do, to keep them to our rule. The goodness of nature and Gods natural goodness must be denied, for these they criminalize. Arrest the homeless for they must; for it's only in their god they trust. Arrest the homeless till he dies, for it's only a paycheck away from you or I. smok ingspirit The right to bear arms everyone knows drugs can be used as a weapon- although we refuse to look at the seriousness of this fact throughout time drugs have been used as a weapon- the right to bear arms is even more important today than ever before, especially when there are billion dollar foreign owned pharmaceutical companies and another billion dollars being made off our old and sick. The right to bear arms, to use the power of the plants God has given to man at his discretion cannot be denied- yet with the addicts on our streets being criminalize forced to take whatever cure the monopoly is pushing this year while he is denied the right to defend against someone- something- or some drug used to take away his will away. " his will they take away" their endorphin studies- the Kentucky drug farm, Edgewood- It’s a known Fact Nixon had to do something about the anti war protesters, the Berkeley subversives and what better way than to have a drug war- every year a new drug hits the streets , crack- meth- oxy whatever, more and more people continue to fall victim- Even in your old age we as Americans are denied the right to "bare Arms against aches and pains without submitting to the doctor. Its part of The drug war, whether something is planted on a person- the accusation made against the person or weather someone has given you the CRAVE you are forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopoly's incompetence. Or be criminalized. It’s a war where only one side is allowed to have the power , the knowledge and all rights are denied to you and handed over to someone to decide for you, what’s best for you like it or be criminalized we must insure the right to bear arms against a profit driven medical monopoly we should not sell out our children's freedom the natural rights the genetic, the hereditary the neurological the historical rights of man to be mortal- to smoke to drink to have fun cannot be handed over to the profit of foreign owned medical monopoly's or they will make slave machines out of us. read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM THE FRENCH The French only have to work 30 hours a week and they are rich- they have the best teeth in Europe and smoke the most- while the European luggage store can afford 75 employees the American luggage store has to cut up valuable parts just to afford cigarettes- while the Afghanistan poor can put up 4 walls and have a bar-b-Q the American poor are forced into card board boxes and doorways as the police keep them moving no sitting or laying the state demands you kneel- the American economy is not based on work hard and prosper but how far you bend over for Hover and his gay cowards who sit around getting drunk and stoned spending 12.9 million dollars targeting cheech and Chong . to take a look at the new American economy take a drive through north St. Louis no business just bombed out buildings and churches- while the CEO average pay is $ 4,000.00 an hour they change the bankruptcy laws to force the people to work as slave labor- prison labor or medical experiment- we need to restore the prosperity that America once had and the only way to do that is bring these gay cowards to justice and stop the CEOs from gutting our country- all backed by the talibomb an Arabs who make a million dollars a minute from oil when we could have fuel for 0.98 cents a gallon from weed. Wake up and bring these Nazi to justice

Friday, September 6, 2013

Exposing the Tailbombs Gay agenda

exposing the gay agenda As an ordained minister we need to look at what the ancient conquistadores and todays gay perverts are doing by subjecting the American people to there morality as they demonize Adam and eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve – state sponsored separation of the sexes i.e. schools prison They claim they were just trying to arrest someone who went out jogging every morning in Waco when really they just wanted to slaughter the women and children who didn’t believe in there phony morality. If OSHO Ashram could not exist in America do you really believe we still have the freedom our forefathers fought for? With the recent increase in sex crimes in America we need to look to see if there is an ulterior motive. We all see how good the gays are at networking and profiting, right?-is there economic war being waged against the married couples or the heterosexuals? While any nerd in the 1960s could get laid the former governor of New York has to spend $ 5,000 dollars to get laid for a night, while telling the people how moral he is by cracking down on cheap prostitutes and denying the poor the right to be human. When the press makes such a big deal about Wiener trying to get laid, we are not allowed to say anything about the gays because that could be considered a hate crime. It is well documented Hover was a blatant gay transvestite offering up a few gays to the public so he could secretly torture the heterosexual claiming to cure them of their gayness .More and more kids are falling victim to these gays who want to charge them as adults for sexting or sexersizing because they are under 18 years of age, we are supposed to believe that anyone under the age of 18 is A-sexual and although our forefathers had made laws allowing people to get married as young as 14 we need the state to play victim all the time and claim it takes 15-20 years to get to a phone in America- or that these illegal aliens who happen to work as prostitutes are being held against their WILL or that they can’t get to a phone either- most American men are only a hard drive away from being a criminal and you can be assured that once the computer has said you are a criminal no one dare challenge it for if they do they must be crazy right? Because it’s the moral thing to do to turn a blind eye if they are being targeted because everyone knows all porn is gay. Right? Anyone who has ever looked at a playboy magazine had a picture of Madonna who was not yet 18 at the time- clearly it must be a sick person that needs Hover men’s personal attention. We dishonor our forefathers by ignoring the natural human experience the natural human activity, for many of the world’s people well before the civil war were having sex at an early age. It is document that Christ parent’s intention was to be wed Mary who was 13- and Joseph who was over 30years of age. But today you are supposed to believe the person under 18 is always a victim who never learned to say no and get up and walk away. By contrast we tell them in gym class that’s its ok to take showers with the same sex as they do everything they can to demonize Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Steve. Hovers designed our modern day prison system and we see the people back on our streets where they are filled with hate and gay violence and teach them to wear their pants below their ass showing the sign to others inmates and now our children that they are ready for sex to take it in the ass as Hover has taught them. The Aging population of America and the cuts in social security is a direct result of their secret gay agenda as they stack the population ageist us- more Muslim immigrants (don’t worry you can be assured there are no gays in Iran) say nothing about their harams and privet orgy’s no single Asian women for American men. Run the decedent American broke disaster economics- When it only took one person working in the 1950s to afford a family now 2 people have to work and they can’t afford anything, unless your Gay- they use their fraudulent science to tell the women that they should wait to have children then when they are to old they say gee just give us more money and let us experiment to genetically implant you- there science even tells you that the human brain is not fully developed until you are 21 years of age- so the next logical step after the population has more gays will be to enforce the 21 years of age law-don’t worry it will only be a small minority of heterosexuals they go after- just like there abortion issue is really about (1). Let the medical monopoly commit these horrid acts or (2) let Hover and his men inspect every condom before sex because every act of sex may be an abortion unless she has worked hard enough to afford a good life for the child the state will have to register all sex activity- I believe it’s time for the state to grow up quit playing victim all the time- mind their own business a relationship is no one’s business but the parties involved. The people need to grow up and take responsibility for their own orgasm, accept the natural human activity- Instead of the tax payer spending endless amounts of money to persecute these people- we need to look at what God preserved for man -the rainforest tribes that survived the genocide of the gay immoral conquistadores who dominated and interpreted the scriptures for their own means. When 1 case of jealousy can exist in a tribe today, you probably couldn’t find one immoral who wouldn’t have a suspicion of there so called friend-in this so called modern civilization. Send the so called pervs to live with the tribes- Or just grow up and realize the kings and queens of the past, passed down laws that were biblical to keep the people subject as they hypocritically ignored the knights freedom they enjoyed in Europe least we forget Alexander the great was only 14 years of age and today we are going to save them from sin with economic , social, or emotional sabotage - money is for people of different religions different beliefs different ethnicities to get what they want without fighting .Restore a fair play in the economic system without someone hiding in the back ground using meta or electronic warfare against the decedent American, while turning a blind eye to the Iranian dancing boys, the Afghanistan wife, the Saudi or Indian wife or the gay legal age in England is only 16 years of age. While some of the Arabs will tell you have to blow up buildings to get laid- why not show them a better way? I say Peace, love, and drugs as long as God made it who are you to condemn it? Or claim your god was just too stupid to know what he was doing when he made it. Let Hover and his Gay men decide for you and they will tell you what’s right? For the public good right? Read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @ AMZON.COM WWW.SMOKINGSPIRIT123.COM AN OPENING FOR THE