Thursday, December 26, 2013

for comedy purposes only ! really

Warning the following statements are for comedy purposes only ! if you don’t find them funny smoke a joint and try again, if you still don’t think it’s funny print it out and stick that in your pipe and smoke it , then you will have wished it was made from hemp. • Even the Gays should be able to agree with some of this, stop demonizing Adam and Eve, the heterosexual demands equal rights anyone who claims they are gay can seek refugee status in Europe but the heterosexual is attacked socially, emotionally and financially in America and he can never declare refugee status anywhere or profit. • The people who fought in the Korea war didn’t know how well they really had it, if they were captured they would at least get sex once a month, we need to guarantee this right to all Americans, before the Muslim take over and try to tell you the only way to get laid is to blow up buildings. • Desegregate the prisons with over 200,000 gay rapes we need to give these people what they want; surely the state could afford to hire some prostitutes for these men at $30,000.00 a year • Desegregate the gym locker rooms and bathrooms let the men see the other beauty that has God created • Get the government out of our bedrooms and body’s, out of our internet and phone conversations its time the state grow up and quit playing victim all the time • A marriage is a contract between two people the government should have no say unless that contract is broken • A person should learn by the age of 12 how to say no- education is the best prevention to abuse – it doesn’t take years to get to a phone.-make sure we all have access to cheap, free or safe hostels with no questions asked, for the homeless ,the traveler or abused wife or child • Sexting, texting or sexercising anything to insure that heaven and nature sings • They stack the population against the heterosexual - filling the population with Muslims when what we need is more single Thai, Pilipino and Chinese women • Its well documented Hover was a blatant transvestite according to Wired magazine they tortured the gays back in the 1950-60s Edgewood the Dachau for the gays- Hover was not just going after the criminal but the heterosexual and since none of those doctors have ever been brought to justice do they operate in hiding today? • Stop criminalizing public nudity and camping we need more steekers, if they pay for a parking meter weather a car or not they should be allowed to park camp or Loitering nude or not • Let’s look at Christmas- we honor Mary a girl of 14 and Joseph a man of 40 (normal for the Romans at that time)whose intention was to have sex with her, and of course god didn’t understand the importance of marriage she gets pregnant before the marriage, their god just wanted to put them though an almost stonable offence • We kiss under the mistletoe because mistletoe will create a miscarriage and that way nobody will know • Frosty the snow man, the chick wants to get laid can’t find a preacher to marry them so they make a snow man who can do the job just as well Read more in the Books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @

3 points when we could have a billion dollar paper industry, from hemp a billion dollar clothing industry, from hemp, a billion dollar hemp plastic industry, a billion dollar industry from hemp foam and insulation building industry and a billion dollar industry from hemp fuel , fuel that would only cost us $ 0.98 cents a gallon and all the money would stay local it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the 1% and their Nazi attack the smoker gutting our cities our economy and carrying out a genocide, it’s time we bring the true criminals to justice 3- Points on the drug war 1. Your drug war is fraud it does nothing but create crime and violence feeding the gangs with endless money while allowing a small group of people in white coats to play god making the masses pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized 2. Least we forget it took drugs and courage to settle the old west, let us give thanks to a coke head next time we turn on the light bulb for it was a coke head like Thomas Edison who brought us out of the dark ages- let us give thanks to a pot head next time we celebrate the 4th of July or drive in our autos for it was pot heads like T. Jefferson, G. Washington and Henry Ford all had something to do with weed. And let us give thanks to the cigarette smoker for it is the cigarette smoker and drinker who won WW1- WW.ll and it is the cigarette smoker who keeps the czar and his Nazis at bay, because everyone know coffee is self medicating and chocolate is like weed. 3. God saw what he made and it was good, God gave man the power over the plants and animals enshrined in the declaration of independence “gods nature and his natural goodness” there in declared written on paper made of weed- if you don’t like what god made rot in hell.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

For entertainment propose only

Help Wanted Smok Ingspirit For entertainment propose only Help Wanted Join the elite- The drug war is for a group of a few select who can hide in the back ground and play god as they make the masses pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized. Must be: able to sit around and get drunk and stoned at taxpayers expense playing high roller and teaching people like Cheech and Chong about friendship in America. Willing to bust into an 80 year old lady house and shot her for traces of weed, attack cancer and scoliosis patient. Stand on the street corner and when someone drives by in a nice car put a magnifying glass under their life, once you label him the next agent will just have to work harder to fulfill your lie or risk a promotion, you get to keep anything you can steal. Take your holidays in Hovers Holiday Hotel, lots of gay rapes and group showers for you to investigate. REQUIRMENT: David Copperfield and Chris Angel magic tricks, must be able to use meta data using just small bits of sabotage to disrupt the criminal element, (your not paid to write nice reports on the smoker) knowledge of the use of drugs, they don’t just make designer steroids for the jocks and they just don’t lie about the fen fen or viox, from their nicotine patch to their Parkinson’s drug, they give out promotions for spraying parquet on weed knowing it does noting but give the smoker cancer ,and they just don’t control the crave with their nicotine patch. MASTER: at air powered weapons, lasers and sound technology, searching bank records to find the coffee spent on a co worker or friend of a married heterosexual to exploit and destroy that marriage and then forced conversion in Hovers Holiday Hotel Apply: anywhere where you would fill out the form to grow or smoke in your own home or business or call 188-NSA-DEA* Smok Eingspirit!/smokingspirit123

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The state needs to grow up

The state needs to grow up The state needs to grow up and quit playing victim all the time- these talibomb scum who work to sell out our freedom for their wallets need to start accepting the rights, the will, of the people, while these gay Nazi hide in the background passing their marriage tax- marriage penalty for health care denying the American male the money to afford anything. keeping the immoral away from bars, saving the decedent American from that sin and stoning the Good Samaritan with their drug war far worse than they ever did back in the olden days-they tell you they only want to torture the heroin addict in San Francisco with their endorphin studies for the public good when really they are targeting the Heterosexual. Bill Gate and Warren Buffet continue to feed the medical monopoly as they control the crave. Paying for the medical monopoly to do their advertising that says they want to see a world where no one ever smokes. From their nicotine patch to their Parkinson drug they control the crave. All the doctors in France couldn’t figure out Lance Armstrong was lying. Their silent genocide against the immoral the decedent American is well proven, with their corrupt prosecutors who can operate with impunity, to the head of the DEA admitting trying to kill Daniel Chong (San Diego state university student 420 party) who was just some “punk ass stoner” and although its well document they tortured the libertarian Candidate for governor Cal-( they held him until he pissed blood) then they gave him a chemical substitute for weed – were they man enough to admits that weed is a necessity for some ? no they continued to brain wash him and the person who was instrumental in getting the weed laws passed in California until he was converted and the first thing he said when he got out prison was how great their chemicals are and how dangers weed is, why don’t we find out who these cockroach coward are who are making weed so dangers, and bring these racist cowards to justice – Hovers holiday hotel is not built by lack of incompetence or negligence but by design, while any Saudi citizen who attacks America gets a wife and a house over half of the homeless are veterans .They spay parquet on weed knowing it did nothing but give the smoker cancer, and then they get a promotion when they get caught as long as they agree not to spray parquet on the weed any more but that doesn’t exclude the 999 other tricks they do to make the world anti-smoking and anti-drinking and anti-Christian read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND Smok Ingspirit<> Not for profit is how it all started Not for profit is how it all started until they realized they could make billions and no one dare stop them. From their nicotine patch to their Parkinson’s drug they control the crave. The talibomb, the Arabs have drilling technology that is not available to the general scientific community. When we could have fuel from weed, hemp for 0.98 cents a gallon it is no secret why they work so hard to keep weed illegal, or why America has the highest addiction rate in the world, they didn’t just use small pox blankets against the American Indians. You hear it in so many songs “preacher man in Georgia makes me feel right at home, can’t stay in Georgia long”, “these ain’t dues I’ve been paying”,“try to run you out of town its more than just an aggravation”. This secret technology, sabotage that was used against the gays in the 1950s has been taken over by the Arabs. Their drug war is another way of saying you pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or you are criminalized, everyone’s supposed to believe it’s just the immoral American movie stars who get hooked to their drugs, or the Arabs just like buying up L.A. because they like to be next to these immoral, while they hide in the back ground carrying out a genocide. The medical establishment would not be the same if it was not for the oil industries they are as interwoven as Hover was with the Iranians teaching them how to pass moral judgment on the people secretly, while enjoying their dancing boys and although you are to believe they had nothing to do with all the crack and the crack epidemic that hit the US during the Iran contra “What suit wouldn’t turn a blind eye to the long haired hippy back in the 60s-70s” Hover and his gang of gay cowards built the jails, with their group shower to convert the heterosexual violently in their prisons. This blatant transvestite was/is really targeting the heterosexual. About ten years ago an FBI agent in south east Asia who was exposing what they are really doing, not giving out classified info but warning a few people of what they are secretly doing, he was convicted not because of releasing classified info but because something showing Adam and Eve, Joseph and Mary they claimed they found on his computer, they don’t just plant drugs on people in LA- NY- Fla, they target the American male denying him everything human as these gay cowards hide in the background drugging conditioning and programing him to carry out their fantasy’s. The Thailand president Shinawatra who used the drug war to kill over 1500 Thai citizen in the name of the drug war. He had to seek refugee status in Saudi Arabia, proving that the drug war is backed by the Arabs, they work to demonize sex tours to Thailand claiming these women are better off living under controlling men and dependent on his money god just didn’t know what he was doing when he made the nymphomaniac and they work to destroy the desire in women(Canada researcher) they use the medical monopoly to determine the new morality of the world and since their weapons are forever classified since man only sees a small fraction of true light or sound they get to play god and sell out our freedom our humanity our mortality for their wallets read more in the book About Christians and