Monday, July 15, 2013

Three great American heroes Bradley Manning- Julian Assage- and snowden

exposing the corruption and their genocide *They advertise buzzed busted and broke - What they mean is black busted and broke* · What They mean- the 1% control most of the wealth and it doesn’t matter how hard you work its either slave labor – prison labor or you become their medical experiment · Smoke a joint in America and find out what it’s like to be black in America · They don’t just steal cars from the handicap or attack scoliosis patient · They control the crave from their nicotine patch to their Parkinson’s drug · Their endorphin and neuron studies are designed to eliminate the smoker and drinker while criminalizing the *Mortal human* · They don’t just make designer drugs for the athletic- all the Drs. and their science and they couldn’t prove Lance Armstrong was lying · They make the drugs, they make the machines that make the test and you have to know what you are looking for. · We could have fuel for $0.98 cents a gallon from weed yet some of these prosecutors/ district attorneys can lie and cheat with impunity as they feed their prison empire promoting *Hovers Gay agenda* · Nixon had to silence the anti-war protestors and appease the south with the Supreme Court’s recent desegregation laws what better way than to have a drug war- and target the Berkeley elite or the out spoken black. make them pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or criminalized for using the power that God has granted him · If They don’t like what God made they can rot in hell, God saw what he made and it was good. · The power that God granted all men is the power over the plants and animals this natural, ancestral, genetic, neurological, historical and religious right must not be sold out to these gods in white coats and the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies · READ MORE IN THE BOOKS (AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING) or (ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM)

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