Sunday, February 22, 2015

US military needed to save the american people

Fwd: From:7203096825 Sent: Sat, Feb 21 15 11:05am Msg:The US military needs to be brought into the states to bring these corrupt cowards who have turned America the land of the free into the largest prison nation of the world. It took drugs and courage to settle the old west anyone would be a fool to think the future would be any different, the only difference is are we going to continue to let these Nazi play god and continue to attack the American people, nickel and diming the poor to death while attacking the middle class. It is the 1% who use voodoo economics to flood our economy with cheap imports from slave labor while drug testing the American people and ignoring the facts that many people from the beetles to Thomas Edison did illegal drugs they use fraudulent science Its not that you are the best worker or a good driver you failed the medical monopolies fraudulent test, they make the test, they make the machines that take the test and you have to know what you are looking for. They ignore the ancestral, natural, historical neurological and genetic science and replace it with Hoover national program {once an agent makes a lie against their enemy no agent dare risk challenging it or they risk losing their promotion} there is enough facts that the prosecutors can lie and withhold information with impunity, that they pay and use informants to back up their baseless lies. They need to make the states grow up and quit playing victim all the time, serving and protecting the people has been replaced with persecution and oppression when the California prisons ignore the courts to release the people, and this is happening repeatedly when they claim they cant get any community support so they are going to put up cameras to monitor the people; the people don’t have to support the police the police need to support the people. From the Mississippi sovereignty commission and the drug war , they had to do something to appease the south after the supreme court enacted desegregation, to Nixon, who had to do something to silence the Berkeley subversives, the Berkeley elite. There is enough proof that the Arabs, Muslims are behind the drug war, behind the petro chemical industry and medical monopoly which work closely together and can only hold their monopoly by attacking the free Americans, with slander lies, phony morality and sabotage using high tech weapons controlling the carve, forcing the Americans to live 5 years to life in prison for a joint, that’s 5 years of their group showers and cavity searches until they can make a Muslim or gay out of them while they are able to send 13 million dollars to Yemen and spend 12.9 million dollars getting drunk and stoned at tax payers expense teaching Cheech and Chong about friendship in American after sabotaging their business all they could get him for was selling glass art work out of state, its time to restore our freedom our forefathers fought and died for before these lying racist cowards steal another car from the handi-cap read more ________________________________________

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