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Subject: Refugee request
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Official refugee request
To whom it might concern,
This is an official refugee request , As a former landlord ,land owner and small business owner I have discovered that it’s not how hard you work in America or even if you play by the rules ,but the new world order decides who can prosper and who cannot, It’s not by lack of determination or motivations, mass people are now suffering, if you go against the establishment lies you become their victim, they are right now working to criminalize people for their genetic, neurological historical and religious rights, the right to be “mortal”(Irish ),Has been criminalized for the poor. The medical monopoly has bought and paid for a few laws that allow those who keep the blue code of silence to claim to be exempt from the ten commandments, lying cheating and steeling not only against the decadent American but our old sick that may suffer from cancer. The Medical monopoly spends billions on Advertising in America In the name of health while the vast majority of the city poor have to live without clean bathroom or any form of sanitary, they are forced to pick up used spent cigarette butts off the street and eat out of the trash can to survive, work till you are 86 then hand it over to them the ones nobody ever DARES to offend. You are either forced to join some right wing religious organization “join the 700 club and you too can prosper” it’s almost standard rite of passage for the new America citizen to be forced into drug rehab –prison-or join the right wing condemning god and his creations. My documentation, points to a clear and systemic assault against our freedom, for the middle classis under attack and the poor has been under attack for quite a long time If OshO religion* cant exist in America then is their anything left except the moral right wings propaganda? Time magazine puts a huge pot leaf on the front cover pointing out the true “science of weed is being subverted”*, and they can’t even get a debate going. The American people could have fuel for$ 0.98a gallon (NPR) and yet they make excuses of why we have to pay the oil industries million dollars a minute and they have to and going after the plant - They spent 12.9 million dollars making a criminal out of cheech and Chong glass shop* -, they call out the swat team for someone smoking a joint and bust into 80yeear old ladies houses and shoot her for traces of weed*-and Its well documented they tortured the governor of California the libertarian candidate* they made a refuge out of and when he was forced out of Canada they held him until he pissed blood then they gave him a chemical substitute for weed and tried to claim it had nothing to do with weed ?? They don’t just attack the people with cancer and steal cars from the handicap they are carrying out a genocide, attempted murder against *Daniel Chong, and no charges filed against the criminals who ripped him and attempted the murder or for anyone who doesn’t believe their lies and propaganda I have been a victim of their war they just don’t steal camp Zoe* and turn a blind eye to the poor or others who won’t join them.
I have been denied the right to reproduce, the right to prosper, denied the right to be left alone (they don’t get paid to write nice reports on pot smokers) they get paid to disrupt the criminal element and the smoker is forever the criminal. And each agent who could not make a Delorean or a Marion Berry out of me would add to their lies for no other agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie. I have been denied the right to practice my religion and make the burnt offering – not by law but by economic war- their high technology weapons are built with the express purpose of deniability. According to known facts there has only been one person ever found to be a victim of their MK-Ultra program, Kentucky drug farm- Edgewood, and that was a Canadian? I have been denied a home, a wife, the right to prosper, forced to condemn God and his creations “God saw what he made and it was good” denied the power over the plants that God has granted me. Slave labor work for minimum wage – work 55 hours a week and unable to pay rent or afford the basic Prison Labor – forced out on to the streets denied unemployment denied and limited food stamps as they work to criminalize you for sitting or laying, loitering or vagrancy for the state demands you kneel as they work to feed their Prison Empire they use high technology weapons to call you crazy-- CJR— ( Columbia journalism review )Sound technology is classified info (BBC)they can use sound waves to make someone eat a bag of stale chips. they work to force you to take their vaccines their pharmaceutical drugs or criminalize you for using the natural plant as they work to make you their medical Experiment CBS 60 min*, coast to coast am* ,prison* these are just some of the many example of what they do to the people, but they haven’t been able to make a criminal out of me yet and their lies run the gauntlet as they deny me everything human because I wouldn’t share a bed with one of these cowards I was to be dead and buried under their lies but thank God I survived but now their continued sabotage against the free American demanding I join the 700 club or some other right wing philosophy their for I seek refugee status anywhere that I can live without fear or some adrenalin junky trying to feed their prison empire I was and can be an industrialist an entrepreneur and have over 10 years manufacturing customer service and travel experience please send me info on what you can offer me in the way of decent housing & employment enough to pay for my basic necessities afford a wife and family in (1959) it only took one person working to afford a wife and family- America use to have the largest savings in the world, he could buy and pay for a house in three years earning double minimum wage * may 2012 issue military press or contact me regarding the God given right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Thank You
Robert christophel
Homeless living on the streets unable to fine any work
1 year sales AT&T- 10 Years customer service small luggage store
Former land lord and land owner
Ordained minister
Published author- 2 books and Blogger
World traveler- Freelance Journalist- community activist SF OCCUPY
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Nov 22, 2006 ... SWAT team in Atlanta kills 92 year old woman during drug raid ... They shot dead a 92 year old woman who had a gun defending her house.
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CBS 60 min*did two stories one on the gold and black gang member who wanted to stop all the crime and violence so he opened up a drug court to bring the true criminals to justice and found himself being poisoned until they trumped up some other charges against him—Other story was the south African doctor using some high technology weapon to inject people with the AIDS virus,
Coast to coast Am*
Cults and NRMs ... At the end of his life, he changed his name to Osho. ... In North Carolina, he ran afoul of US immigration law. ... his Indian followers and American citizens so that the former could obtain clearance to stay in the country. ... Various rumors spread that he had been poisoned with thallium by the CIA, had been ...
*The Shock Doctrine | Naomi Klein- disaster economics no longer just for the individual as we saw in New Orleans.

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