Thursday, October 25, 2012

if americans want housing give them prisons

if americans want housing give them prisons
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smok ingspirit<>    Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 6:17 PM
America the new Police Empire

It started out in the 60s with just a police state, but with the blue code of
silence their high technology and their drug war nobody could stop
them—they don’t get paid to write nice reports on the smoker they don’t
get paid to help the accused “criminal” out they get paid to disrupt the
criminal element, now no judge or jury is ever needed once the persons been
labeled -no agent dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie, they can use
their Hovers Holiday Hotel for their own benefit as they seek vendettas
against the sick in Seattle or where ever else they can profit—the small
American farmer was run out of business not because he couldn’t compete
fairly but with their high technology they can wage economic warfare against
whoever they choose, not by law but by economic war—Disaster Economics is
no longer just for the poor as we saw in New Orleans. -- And Illinois has one
of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country , you wouldn’t want the
farmer who gets into a fight with his wife because he can’t explain why the
tractor broke again, you wouldn’t want him to drive down to the bar and get
a drink; he might run off the road and run over some corn!, and of course they
only make designer steroids for the jocks and breathalyzer pills for the
Europeans --they only control the crave with their nicotine patch and their
Parkinson’s drug – but with two shootings a night in almost every major
city you can be assured that they are just helping these people out—It’s
just black on black crime ( fighting over ciggerates or drugs)- it’s just a
bunch of Mexicans killing one anther THEY don’t have anything to do with
it? None of the poor have ever been able to break the cycle of poverty where
if just one person could work hard pay off his mortgage then the next
generation wouldn’t be subjected to living on the street or forced to work
for slave labor—but when the developers come in to the neighbors they set
up their crack houses use eminent domain and pay them nothing, and those with
medical insurance are forced to pay endlessly for these Gods in white coats
incompetence, diagnosed as a hypochondriac or he just comes down with the
crave as he’s criminalized for honoring the plant—- but If they end up on
the streets they are quickly criminalized, forced to work for either slave
labor or feed the prison empire and become prison labor --to be hassled, moved on , denied any
sanitary nessisitys arrested for loitering and or called crazy and forced to
take the latest experimental drug big pharm is pushing—or they become medical experiment the American freedom of the individual is under attack- vote democrat, vote republican and we
still end up losing more and more freedom—more and more police end up on
the streets , Now I have no complaints with those who have enough guts to
wear a uniform—but those cowards who go out their sell or push there drugs
then turn around and rip the people off and claiming to be exempt from the
ten commandment they then run and try to hide behind the badge, its these
cowards who use their high technology, there lies and propaganda to sell out
our freedom for their wallets, but when we could have fuel for .98cent a
gallon from weed , we are forced to pay 4.00 a gallon—when the homeless
are denied the right to exist in peace—it’s time to wake up and see that
the 1% didn’t get their money by playing Fair – and see that the American
middle class is under attack now more than ever because they have turned a
blind eye to the poor who have been under attack for a long, long time – it
time we put an end to this economy that profit off our old and sick- that
demand slave labor ,prison labor or medical experiment for the sake the
freedom and the rights of the next generation --- Read more in the book about
Christians and freedom— America—Google

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