Monday, August 5, 2013

The Nixon Administration (tricky dick)

The Nixon Administration (tricky dick) The programs the Nixon administration set into effect needs to be looked at as a possible cause of all of today’s problems and in relationship to Obama care and where that might lead us. When the so called crazies are forced to take the medical monopolies drugs that the people don’t want to take, we can all turn a blind eye- because it’s just another decedent America, why should you care? They probably do drugs- smoke or drink and these anti-smoking, anti-drinking Gods in white coats are the best once to decide what’s best for us , what’s best for the public good. The Vietnam War was based on a lie, Bradley Manning, Snowden, Julian Assange are working to expose the same as Deep throat, the pentagon papers, and Water Gate. What better way for the Nixon Administration to silence the Berkeley subversive, the anti-war protestors than to have a drug war. The world book encyclopedia 1970s edition points out that bio fuels would become economical when oil reaches $40.00 a barrel its now over $100.00 a barrel and we are told the same story. NPR points out that we could have fuel for $0.98 cents a gallon from Hemp from WEED. Nixon brought the first oil crisis to America in the 1970s, his black Opps program – MK –Ultra program-Edgewood-Kentucky drug farm- the secret courts, lest we forget Hover was Nixon’s right hand man, it was Hover who set up the prison system to produce gays for America. Nixon allowed Hover to teach the Iranians how to have their secret moral police so they could spy on their people to make sure there were no immoral women running around and of course they have their “dancing boys” but you can be assured there are no gays in Iran. While the population of America, the aging population of America has to cut back on social security, they sabotage the decedent immoral American male, no Chinese single women Hover and Nixon told the communist but they flood our population with more and more Muslims immigrants to stack the vote against us. Any nerd could get laid back in the 1960s but now if you can’t afford what the governor of New York could afford, $5,000.00 a night then you’re just out of luck. The right wing is going to save us from this sin any way and “the only thing different from the right wing and the talibomb is ones a cult” When most American men are just a hard drive away from being a criminal, its understood that when they refer to “all porn being gay” what they really mean is they will convert you. They just don’t plant drugs on people in L.A, New York, Fla. Etc... And anyone who has ever looked at a playboy magazine might have seen Madonna who was not yet 18 years old at the time of the photo shoot so the immoral needs to learn what they teach in Hovers holiday Hotel. Their prisons don’t have a 90% failure rate because of gross incompetence or negligence but by design. They don’t just spray parquet on weed knowing that it does nothing but give the smoker cancer, Today they openly admit they attempted to kill Daniel Chong a San Diego state University student who went to a 420 pot party, but then the head of the DEA claims he was just some punk ass stoner anyway we need to really wonder. The black Opps program, guns for Iran – Iran Contra, run the smoker broke economic warfare against the undesirable subversive the smoker. They subvert the true science of weed (Time Magazine) and work to demonize anyone who questions there lies. What (suit) wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to the long haired hippie, the pink old fag back in the 1960s when they attaked him, why should you care? Nixon’s national program may have been expanded by the Reagan administration to include any non-right winger or non-religious zealot. The medical monopoly anti drinking anti-smoking now forces us to give up our property rights if the owner of a bar smokes, too bad he can’t smoke in his own property any more and now that the fat over weight person is declared to have a Disease the medical establishment can take whatever means necessary to insure that the big fat looser is awake at 4:am to do exercise and run him broke if neccesery so he can’t afford any donuts, if the undesirable crazy smoker is forced to take their drugs or prevented from doing what he wants then why not the big fat looser? Deplete a man his sugar and you can have a sugar addict make someone allergic to peanuts and with your peanut oil claim it’s just another crazy. They just don’t make designer steroids for the jocks and you can be assured it’s just another crazy just another Berkeley subversive or decedent American who refuses to condemn God his creations and his natural goodness. Read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@

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