Thursday, August 15, 2013

True American

True American Robert Christophel working to expose the loss of freedom for the American people • Published author of religious-comedy- freedom book titled ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND and AN OPENING FOR THE • Exposing the corruption that has stolen the Americans wealth • The middle class is under attack the poor has been under attack a long time • Americans use to have the largest savings in the world now most are just a pay check away from being homeless • 1950 it only took one person working and he could afford to buy and pay for a house in 3 years earning double minimum wage • 1950s a person working a full decent retirement that was secure and he could put at least 1 kid in college • 1960s people could smoke even in supermarkets now business owners who smoke are forced to give up their property rights in the name of health and public good • Eminent domain was used in only rare cases and they had to pay a replacement cost now they use it just to steal from the poor • English use to be the biggest language learned around the world because Americans could afford to travel now its German • People were secure in their homes, cars and possessions but now because we have a drug war we have to spend 12.9 million dollars targeting people like Ceech and Chong and they could only bust Tommy Chong for selling glass art work out of state no one can be safe. • Have seen them make the case against the smoker using economic emotional warfare against the undesirable • Have Seen an increase in so called schizophrenia 20% increase nation wide • Have Seen the largest jail population in the world expand making America have 500,000 more criminals than china a communist country who has a billion more people • Our forefathers could drink and smoke as they saw fit- now they go into bars and demand the people pass a medical test because they might be drunk they might then be a criminal • would our former congress man or simple man our smokers or drinker our modern day Thomas Jefferson’s- George Washington who built this country be able to live in peace, live freely today or would they be locked away? • Freelance journalist- science fiction writer exposing the fraud and the true science behind weed- hemp- marijuana the oil industry and big pharm. • When we could have fuel for $0.98 cents a gallon but instead the gangs flood our neighborhoods as they push their chemicals, when Time magazine puts a huge pot leaf on the front cover and points out the true science is being subverted and everyone is afraid to point out the oil industries are making a million dollars a minute while ripping off the American people • When they force the so called crazy’s to take their drugs to better fit into their society and you see them pass a law that makes fat people a disease then you know it won’t be long before they start forcing them to get up at 4: am to exercise they won’t be allowed to refuse and one person at a time they target • Ordained minister- preaching the goodness of God- God saw what he made and it was good. You don’t like what God made rot in Hell • World traveler promoting truth liberty justice and the American way work hard play by the rules and you can win but instead they wage economic warfare the fight just ain't fare • Survivalist, experienced camper enjoying the beautiful American parks gods’ goodness and his nature declared in the deceleration of independence • Former land lord and land owner small business owner but while they can make a cigarette addict out of someone in palm spring the American business has to cut up valuable parts just to afford ciggerates while the European luggage store can employ 75 people • They just don’t make designer steroids for the jocks all the doctors in France couldn’t find out lance Armstrong was cheating until he fessed up • With two shooting a night in almost every major city they’re not just helping these people out and all though they will try to tell you it’s just a bunch of Mexican killing each other I know they lie cheat and steal • Attacking disable American vets the cancer and other sick people for weed- for their wallets knowing full and well these people are not criminals • Libertarian Candidate receiving the 2nd highest percentage of votes of the libertarian party • Promoting worldwide the advantages of American products -American business hard work and efficiency I owe my allegiance to my country which means I will fight for the declaration of Independence the bill of right and the American constitution not for the medical monopoly’s bought and paid for fraudulent laws, i.e. any highly questionable study can win FDA approval and yet the people form California must be genetically different from the people in Missouri or Canada for one can smoke legal and ones a criminal? Or is it just the federal government too corrupt, too hooked to the tax dollar and the black market money as they continue to sell out our freedom attack our small business for their fraudulent science read more in the books or at

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