Thursday, December 26, 2013

3 points when we could have a billion dollar paper industry, from hemp a billion dollar clothing industry, from hemp, a billion dollar hemp plastic industry, a billion dollar industry from hemp foam and insulation building industry and a billion dollar industry from hemp fuel , fuel that would only cost us $ 0.98 cents a gallon and all the money would stay local it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why the 1% and their Nazi attack the smoker gutting our cities our economy and carrying out a genocide, it’s time we bring the true criminals to justice 3- Points on the drug war 1. Your drug war is fraud it does nothing but create crime and violence feeding the gangs with endless money while allowing a small group of people in white coats to play god making the masses pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized 2. Least we forget it took drugs and courage to settle the old west, let us give thanks to a coke head next time we turn on the light bulb for it was a coke head like Thomas Edison who brought us out of the dark ages- let us give thanks to a pot head next time we celebrate the 4th of July or drive in our autos for it was pot heads like T. Jefferson, G. Washington and Henry Ford all had something to do with weed. And let us give thanks to the cigarette smoker for it is the cigarette smoker and drinker who won WW1- WW.ll and it is the cigarette smoker who keeps the czar and his Nazis at bay, because everyone know coffee is self medicating and chocolate is like weed. 3. God saw what he made and it was good, God gave man the power over the plants and animals enshrined in the declaration of independence “gods nature and his natural goodness” there in declared written on paper made of weed- if you don’t like what god made rot in hell.

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