Friday, April 4, 2014

Us drug war is fraud is genocide

The life and times of the modern day pot smoker The life and times of the modern day pot smoker after seeing their movie reefer madness I knew their science was fraud. Seeing their propaganda telling the people of their scientific study where 5 people smoked a joint 2- are dead,1 -blew his mind 1- is in jail and the other one well they just don’t know. I knew these were outright lies and figured, this is America work hard play by the rules and I could prove their science was fraud, I had been driving since the age of 14 and getting stoned or a regular bases so I set out to prove their lies, not one of my drivers Ed courses did I go to unless I smoked a joint prior to going into class, getting high in the morning was just normal, I didn’t want them to come up with some claim that I wasn’t stoned so to mitigate any question I made sure every time before I went to class that I smoked a joint or I didn’t go to class after taking the class and passing my driver’s test I boasted on how I proved their science was fraud , but they insisted that I could not prove that I got stoned every day and any of my witness would instantly become criminal, so I had to admit that they were right, they said that the pot smoker was just stupid and again I thought I could prove them wrong so without studying I dropped out of school smoked a joint took my equivalency test and passed becoming one of the first ones to graduate from my class and again I said I prove their science was fraud, but again they came back saying the pot smoker was just a lazy criminal and would never do anything so I spent the next 30 years priding myself on hard work, honesty and good credit, then I became a land lord and land owner after 30 years of sabotaged socially, emotional and financially I could now sit back and prove beyond any reasonable doubt that their science was fraud, but then-- fire felt better that my deodorant, they dusted my bills with their poison and my bills burned like battery acid they put their poison in my water, food, steamer towels and all the while they were telling me why don’t you sell your land your home your bought and paid for retirement what does a pot smoker need his retirement bought and paid for , they don’t just steal camp Zoë, they don’t just attack cancer patients and scoliosis patients for nothing maybe the torture and terror will stop, if I sold everything besides it cost $ 400.00 to test a product and you have to know what you’re looking for since they make the test they make the machines that take the test and since man only see 1 billionth of the true reality I didn’t realize what I was up against, trying to get decent weed became almost impossible they don’t just make designer steroids for the jocks and all the crack and meth that hit the streets replaced the honest pot sellers- even Time magazine points out that the true science of weed was being subverted but they couldn’t even get a debate going I knew their science was fraud but once they place their lie against you, you are forever guilty, they sent me around the world to find a joint, I was supposed to be dead and buried under their lies but by the grace of god I survived to warn the rest of the world what these gay cowards are really doing to the people read more in the book About Christians and Freedom Disclaimer a legal statement - this statement denies. responsibility. For any association or misrepresentation "these writing, this blog carries this disclaimer about the characters bearing no relation to any living persons: an are purely coincidental this statement is meant to prevent an incorrect understanding of something such as my book, blog, a movie, or my advertisements all right are copyrighted and can be reproduced as long as its not for profit terms and conditions of reproduction can change at will and for detailed information you may contact smoking spirit @ Smok Ingspirit to bc1900 1. According to the state of Missouri the people must be genetically different than the people in cal. or the other 18 states that recognize the med. need 4 weed in Cal $ - 5- for a joint while in mizuri the gangs and these back stabbing cowards push their garbage for 15 -$ they control the crave racist genocide to bc1900 Run them broke call them crazy Run them broke call them crazy it was supposed to be so simple to get someone hooked to their drugs give them an undetectable pain rip them off their weed a couple time and get them hooked to the drugs they push on the street. These Nazi can’t even keep drugs cell phone or crime out of their prisons yet we are to give up our freedom so these cowards can sit around getting drunk and stoned at tax payer expense playing high roller spending 12.9 million dollars targeting people like Cheech and Chong. I use to believe there lies and propaganda close down the liquor stores in the bad neighborhood and you won’t have these undesirables hanging around out front when really shut down the liquor stores in bad neighborhood and when these Nazi come after them with the crave they will either be forced to pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized or do there drugs they push on the street. They have the technology to play god- they stone the Mary Magdalene far worse than they ever did back in the old days- anyone who won’t bend over for one of these gay cowards or proves their drug war is fraud or who questions there phony morality will suddenly become victim of the crave- they slowly destroy all your friends with lies and slander leaving you with just then and they are some smooth taking back stabbing cowards, fire felt better than deodorant they will put their poison in your steamer, shampoo, towels, one non lethal mixed with another non lethal but when the two mix in your body you will do anything to seek relief from their poison science fiction or science fact read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM

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