Sunday, May 4, 2014

Life in America today

Life in America today The 1% can use their voodoo economics and flood the states with their cheap imports as they drug test every American demanding slave labor prison labor or you become their medical experiment. No judge or jury ever needed when one of these back stabbing cowards come after you with the crave you must pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence or be criminalized- they target the heterosexual if you refuse to condemn Christ and his parents deny the goodness that God created as they demonize Adam and Eve while secretly promoting Adam and Eve – jail is the modern right wing rite of passage for all Americans -while china has a billion more people America has a million more criminals denied the right to exist the right to work as they rip you off endlessly and screw you over relentlessly socially emotionally and financially until they can make a criminal out of you – they change the bankruptcy laws so the people will be forced to work at minimum wage or less (begging on the streets) they can sell their garbage on the streets with impunity while the honest pot smoker/dealer is beaten in the ally with their Billy clubs. When one legal pot shop in Denver make $40,000.00 per day they make 3 times that ripping the people off feeding their gangs while a real criminal will only rip you off once trying to buy weed these cowards get to sell their garbage on the street then rip you off and hand you over to the justice system where you are then forced to pay lawyers and the court because some coward was too afraid to find real criminals its time to bring these lowlife scum to justice. their needless air powered injectors advertised in the medical journals in the 1990- they can shred a steel can (not aluminum ) using nothing but high powered air they can find black oil miles below the sea ,their flying drones can be 2 miles up on a clear day and you couldn't see or hear them- the most dangerous weapon according to the Japanize is the blow gun its not just used by south African doctors to inject people with the Aids virus ,and their weapon is not just something north Korean spies use to kill someone- they make billions subverting the true science of weed and control the crave

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