Sunday, May 18, 2014

open letter toInternational criminal court

open letter toInternational criminal court Dear Honorable Sir, I would like you to consider a special act that has been perpetrated against the American people, against all humanity with deliberate or intentional complicity in denying modern man the natural, ancestral, genetic, neurological, historical and religious rights; to be a MORTAL Human. With fraudulent science the medical monopoly, the oil industry, and the drug war work in unionism to promote their pharmaceutical over the natural, criminalizing anyone who DARES to challenge their lies. “The medical establishment of today would not be what it is without the oil industry working closely”. This union under the Middle Eastern and the 1% control has allowed a group of select people to play god and criminalize whomever they choose. The person criminalized is left with two choices pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence and be declared a crazy hypochondriac and or forced to take whatever drugs the pharmaceutical companies are pushing this year, as he is denied the natural plant, he is denied the God given right to the power over the plants and animals God has granted to all men, Gods nature and his natural goodness is being denied, sold out They block a billion dollar hemp industry as they claim we have to give up our property rights because regardless of all the science, all the technology we can never make a building safe for a smoker and nonsmoker to peacefully coexist. They are paid to disrupt the criminal element the smoker, the heterosexual is forever the criminal, and no judge or jury is ever needed when they come after you, (to investigate: find two sides bring unbiased facts to a jury to find for the victim, right?) They are not paid to write nice reports on pot smokers, and when they are allowed to rip you off endlessly, screw you over relentlessly sabotage you socially, emotional and finically it is time that someone speak out, and stop this racist war. When they would give life in prison for a small amount of weed or give someone five years in jail for a joint that’s five years of over crowed prisons, group showers, cavity searches and with a 90% failure rate to rehabilitate the person back into society they also have a 90% success rate on converting them to their gay agenda. The facts are over whelming that have a repeated pattern of lies and propaganda that is strictly used for the benefit of a select few, from Time Magazine to Rolling Stones and newspapers across the country have pointed out their blatant lies as far back as the LaGuardia report proving the smoker was not a criminal, to claim that its ok to attack cancer patients ,scoliosis patients and rip off the terminally ill even denying the children their medical needs and wants of the natural plants. Fraudulent and forced drug testing of all Americans ,employees-actors-musicians and artist while flooding the economy with cheap imports from slave labor with no environmental standards or drug test. The amount of systematic abuse is rampant and each time someone gets caught spraying parquet on the plant, pushing their chemicals and pot substitute so that 1 shop can send 15 million dollars to support their friends in Yemen whether its planting drugs on someone using high tech weaponry or just making baseless accusations , once a person is labeled , the next agent just has to work harder to make him whatever he has been labeled regardless of the facts and when this abuse is exposed you are to believe its just one bad apple when its top down protocol- the freedom our forefathers fought and died for is at stake unless man is granted the natural God given rights, the medical monopoly, the oil industry, and a select few will continue to make machines out of us forcing all people to take their chemicals ,contaminated vaccines GMOs and drugs that are designed not for a cure but for a profit, It will soon become mandatory that all Americans to wear a monitoring bracelet which will inform the NSA, CIA, DEA and FBI and your dr. if someone smoking a joint or eating a donut ;because Rodriguez proved their drug test was fraud. If you can speak out against these grave injustices and help restore our God given natural rights, so that we can celebrate that it was a coke head like Thomas Edison who brought us out of the dark ages, it was pot heads like George Washington, Henry Ford, Thomas Jefferson who brought us our freedom, and it was and is the smoker the drinker who won world war I and world war II because everyone knows chocolate is like weed, and coffee is self-medicating. May the torch of freedom and its smoke burn bright in to the next generation. Thank you Sincerely Robert Christophel a drug war refugee, ordained minister, journalist, writer, libertarian candidate, www.smokingspirit123.word

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