Thursday, November 21, 2013

How the cigarette saved my life

How the cigarette saved my life The burnt offering of St. Anthony- lord Shiva- Buddha and St. Nicolas are in our DNA- the genetic neurological, historical, natural and religious rights of man are essential . My travels and experience has shown the necessary and beneficial effects of smoking.-Of course they will probably give me cancer so they can say see he shouldn’t smoke, but they do this to anyone who won’t agree with them. From getting caught in a freak snow storm in Colorado and having a lighter to build a fire, to going into a cave with 8 people all of us having two lights after walking around for hours we stopped to have a smoke break after smoking we continued to try to find our way out when we all started smelling the smoke knowing we had been walking in circles we split up to find the exit when we exited the cave we only had 3 working lights out of the group if we hadn’t smoked we would have been dead. The other incident was when I was traveling in a foreign land I was warned the night before about taking taxis at night could be dangours- well after my night out I got into this cab and the cab drivers make shift fan seemed to be blowing some fumes on me that were making me very, very tired so I rolled down the window and the taxi driver insisted I roll the window up, so I lit up a cigarette and insisted the window needed to stay down he stopped and let me out feeling an awaking from the fresh air and smoke I made it home safe. These and a few other experiences saved my life and I'm sure my simple pleasures and enjoyments from a smoke filled room are small to those who made the ultimate sacrifice – the tobacco farmer who helped win world war I and WWII and although the medical monopoly and the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies will tell Americans we have to give up our property rights (no smoking) I know this burnt offering is a religious-spiritual gift from God.

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