Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Phone call and gay

One Phone call and gay The reason America and England is co-spying is because they want to promote their gay Muslim agenda, as they use their drug war so they can play god and make the free pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence. Now anyone can declare refugee status in Europe by saying they are gay. As they stack the population against the hetro-sexual filling both England and America with Muslims while the single Thai or Asian women is denied refugee status. The Head of the Christian church (the prince of wales) is Muslim – so the Christians will soon just have to stick their ass in the air more, repent more, join them in condemning God and his nature because the American can never declare refugee status, anywhere. Hover and the NSA, are allowed to use economic-social and emotional sabotage against him to feed hovers holiday hotel and with over 200,000 gay rapes in their jails its forced conversion. While the Muslim felon can get work when he gets out the American male is denied the right to exist or even free a girl from a repressive lesbian relationship, the lesbians in training can afford to ride the bus while the hetro-sexual is forced to walk. Abu grey is not just something they do to the Arabs- the American citizen drives off the mountain to avoid going to jail, late for returning his rental car. The ex-convict jumps off the bridge for a minor traffic stop and they can’t explain why, the chic runs out into the highway because of a minor traffic stop. Many people believe 9-11 was an inside job, but Of course they can’t hold trials for the terrorist because the real truth is they are hiding in the back ground drugging conditioning, training and encouraging these people to do their evil deeds or carry out their sick fantasies. With 12.9 million dollars spent targeting Cheech and Chong no one can be free, but it all starts with monitoring their phone calls, internet, bank records. They are not just investigating, trying to find victims A side and victim B side so they can present to a jury to find justice, no they are paid to pass judgment and disrupt the criminal element the smoker forever being the criminal. They hide the true facts, and try to make their baseless accusation about sex, as with Julian Assange. For when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always suppose to loose . So the only thing the free can do is to pray that the Christian not be forced to condemn God or the first page of the bible, the power or the goodness that God has granted to all men. May we be granted more Adams and Eves, more Mary Magdalene, more Josephs and Mary’s, more king David’s wives ,more good Samaritans and more Madonna’s and Hiltons , free us from these gay cowards or read more in the books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@Amazon or AN OPENING FOR THE

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