Thursday, November 21, 2013

Travel consultant-

Travel consultant- travel advisor-or tour guide Traveled 32 different countries, experienced in all types of travel hiking and trekking -to riding on a tributary to the Amazon river or horse back riding in the Himalayas available for group tours-privet treks-planning and experience- I can be poor anywhere- but 5 star hotels are always welcome- great parties or solitude- travels tour cathedrals or sex tours- see midnight sun- hiking – camping –what ever. Reasonable rates 1st trip- 30 days from Denmark to Portugal 2nd trip- 30 days Mexico driving from St. Louis along the gulf of Mexico ,to the ruins of Palenque and back 3rd trip-30 days in Ecuador – Quito, rainforest and beaches helped rescued Us military trapped in land slide 4th trip Alaska ridding on the deck of a ferry boat and hitch hiking back from Anchorage to Trinidad Colorado 5th trip drove St. Louis to Mexico, Isla Mujeres, Tulum 6th trip Taught ESL for approximately 1 year in Haramachi Japan started earth quake relief fund for KOBE victims- visited Thailand -Taiwan 7th trip Bahamas 8th trip-NY city 30 days- Iceland – Amsterdam- Italy- apartment right out side of Amsterdam 9th trip- NY- Miami -Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 10th trip- India-Mumbai and Pune 11th Amsterdam Europe- London- Liverpool -Germany – Poland-Slovakia- Austria 12th trip India – New Delhi,–Hardwar- Varanasi, India, Nepal Kathmandu - 5 day trek ANNAPURNA RANGE – Thailand and south Korea- These trips may not be in the correct order and I am leaving out a lot of other country I have visited- this also does not include traveling most of the 50 states and driving from Quebec to Vancouver or driving to Alaska by way of the Yukon, in the winter – caving and spelunking- Mexico Cenote diving- getting caught in freak snow storms in Colorado – white water rafting exploring the swamps of Florida at night or my sky diving and repelling experience- 2 years on the streets of California living in a park or the months I spent surviving the deserts of palm spring by living in a bush.

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