Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chain reaction

Chain reaction Smok Ingspirit Chain reaction They feed off of creating crime and violence anger and hate claiming to be exempt from the 10 commandments as they hide in the background sabotaging and destroying peoples lives- “they don’t get paid to write nice reports on pot smokers” they get paid to disrupt the criminal element. Although Canada has over 1500 people who can legally smoke weed, not counting providences, the US has less than 20 people, not counting states; in the eyes of the fed they are criminals. They gut our cities like Detroit and St. Louis claiming they operate in a vacuum “if we just keep ripping them off a few more times we can bring them to their knees” when really what they are doing is starting a chain reaction, each time one of these cowards rip someone off ,that person has to cut back on something else, in a since they are sabotaging a business the smoker would have spent his money on but now he has to work harder to afford what he wants, but regardless of how hard he works he is always a criminal, they can disrupt the criminal element and anything they can steal they get to keep. Even when the smoker is run broke denied a job and forced on to the streets to beg they continue to sabotage him they will arrest him for begging –loitering-vagrancy, they will even arrest a 70year old handicap lady for peacefully begging they put her in jail with violent criminals to teach her how to rob, steal and commit violent crimes, so that the taxpayer will just have to pay more taxes when they get out and act on what they teach - don’t look at the root causes of all the crimes that affect our cities just believe their lies and propaganda. Although they cant even keep drugs, cell phones or crime out of their prisons we have to give up our freedom so these Nazi can spend 12.9 million dollars targeting people and business like Cheech and Chong sabotaging and interfering with the peoples free choice while they carry out their genocide in the name of the medical monopolies bought and paid for laws read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND

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