Wednesday, January 29, 2014

state of the union address

My state of the union address This is what I think the president should have talked about; 5 simple points # 1 we need to break the oil industries hold on the American people, right now they are ripping the American people off 1 million dollars a minute. One way to equalize with out congressional approval is to legalize weed, hemp a 40 billion dollar industry they have subverted with lies a propaganda, from paper, clothing, plastics medical and simple enjoyment. No government interference. #2 allow the people the ability to set up stills to turn the weed into fuel, allow alterative vehicles on the road breaking the monopoly of the auto industry spurring innovation as it was in the early day, allow people and small business to alter the carburetors so it can run off of bio fuels, if brazil can do it why cant Americans? #3 let the free enterprise system flourish end the medical monopoly let the people walk down to the store and buy what they need or want without some adrenalin junky ripping him off because the medical monopoly has bought and paid for a few laws #4 squatters rights, the wealth equalizer if the building is vacant, the lot is vacant, then anyone should be able to come in and occupy it, no building codes if for personal use needs to be followed as long as they are using a vacant property for personal means, then these rich who just buy up building and turn them in to crack houses and target other people in the neighborhood using the CRAVE against them until they are run broke or hook would be ended #5 this may take congressional approval but demand all business earning over ( X ) dollars or more than 20 employees must pay a livable wage - also our students, our children are an investment in the future they should have zero interest rate on all student loans lets help the future generations and end the corrupt corporations and politicians allowing these armed combatants dressed as civilians to attack another handicap or defenseless American because they want to sit around and play high roller spending 12.9 million dollars targeting people like Cheech and Chong restore the freedom of the people.

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