Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NSA- Hover,Hitler,stalin

They claim they are just monitoring the terrorist` phone calls saying “ if you are not doing anything wrong why should you care if someone is listening in” well when they do this they have power over you, they know your bank records, your phone calls , your friends, your work , internet searches ,even your personal thoughts , you hand this power over to them thinking nothing about it, but look at history which one of our founding fathers would have ever believed that they would criminalize weed, hemp that that the USA constitution is written on? Which one of our countries founding fathers would have ever imagined a war on drugs, criminalizing the smoker, the drinker even though the Christian bible was written by monks drunk or buzzed off wine. Each generation makes an excuses for doing their evil deeds (Shakespeare) all the worlds a stage and we are just actors. If you change the props change the time and the story remains unchanged , you always have some immoral claiming to be morally righteous doing his evil deeds violating the moral of Christ(peace) in the name of what they claim is right. Now they claim it’s just the smokers, that we have to give up our property right our freedom because the tobacco companies have to put there poison in Gods plant- when will they come out an admit it’s the heterosexual they are after or population control? Now are you sure you don’t mind them monitoring your phone calls as they try to make you gay or lez or straight? what if ? Science fiction or science fact? history always repeats itself unless were smart enough to tolerate those we don’t like and put the moral of Christ (peace) as supreme we are doomed to repeat .

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