Wednesday, February 5, 2014

the super rich

These super rich who make $ 4,000.00 an hour and have there $1,000.00 lunches while the people on the streets are living in cardboard boxes or forced to sleep in huge rooms with mats on the floor – these super rich who gut our cities and small business destroying our personal liberties they are who are financing cheep imports from slave labor and drug testing American employees as they fill our prisons using there corrupt prosecutors who can operate with impunity. They have the American people fighting over cigarette butts and deny us the right to put up tents or occupy vacant buildings or even smoking in our own property. The idea of self sufficiency and self reliance is forced to be handed over to some right wing fanatical who demand we condemn God and his nature , his natural goodness and although they use a vale of Christianity they believe the only thing different between the talibomb and them is one is just a cult, they are so moral to pass judgment on the smoker the drinker and soon to be fat people, we give up our property rights as they attack our Thomas Edison’s, Thomas Jefferson’s George Washington’s and Henry Fords, all illegal drug users- least we forget it took drugs and courage to settle the old west and any fool would have to believe that the future would be any difference the only difference is are we going to hand over our freedom to the foreign owned pharmaceutical companies and their bounty hunters who claim we are criminals? They don’t just control the crave with their nicotine patch and Parkinson’s drug and they don’t just make designer steroid for the jocks, right now we are suppose to believe that we need to stop the baseball game and piss test everyone, because Alex Rodriguez proves he can pass their test , or the other option would be demand that everyone where a monitor 24/7 that way the state would know as soon as someone smokes, only the smokers would object right? The right wing know when the Muslim plays the moral card the Christians always suppose to loose and it’s the Christian thing to bring the person to his knees right? The drug war is a war against our liberty our humanity our right to be mortal, what lie will they tell about you when they come after you with the crave? And what will you do “ HIS WILL THEY TAKE AWAY” as they claim its just another weak willed individual or another crazy. Read more in the book (

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