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Arrest the Homeless Arrest the homeless they do cry; Complete the economic genocide. From sea to shinning sea, there is no place for him to pea. Arrest him for vagrancy, arrest him for loitering, but just insure there is no tolerance. No shelter from rain, no shower to wash away the pain. Arrest these crazy, lazy men how they do offend. Take the tax dollar they gladly spend to lock these people in a pen. Thirty thousand dollars they will spend to fill them with fear and bring to tears. No place to call home left only to Rome . Arrest the homeless they do cry for you can see it in their eyes. No food, no job and now a criminal record the probation officer won't get the message. Not a tee-pee or a tent shall be lent for that's not what their God meant. They teach them in jail how to fail and fear, fill them with violence and demand their silence. Arrest the homeless where they stand, for the drug war is at hand, They will not stand to share this land. Arrest the homeless they must cease even if a man of peace. They don't pray in our church but play in the dirt. Look she has no skirt! It the moral thing to do, to keep them to our rule. The goodness of nature and Gods natural goodness must be denied, for these they criminalize. Arrest the homeless for they must; for it's only in their god they trust. Arrest the homeless till he dies, for it's only a paycheck away from you or I.////////////////////// smok ingspirit Prosperity Prosperity I do not begrudge the rich or another man his wealth but when the 1% actively are paying these bounty hunters to spend 12.9 million dollars targeting small business like Tommy Chong as in Cheech and Chong, and all they could get him for was selling glass work out of state this is the real crime. And as a former business owner I know the sabotage against the American small business they use , although they will claim its just a bad money manager, I know contrary. The middle class is under attack the poor have been under attack a hell of a long time- they have disenfranchised a whole population, the smoker ,the undesirable the criminals or the punk ass stoners as they call us, denying us a right to exist, we are not allowed to prosper or to participate in the prosperity of America, that prosperity is a right, a lot of people have fought and died for. When they can steal camp ZoĆ« and all he did was smoke a joint on his land and turn a blind eye to some parties, but that wasn't enough then they go and steal the money that should have gone to the schools, they steal it from the children to line their pockets. Property is the corner stone of all wealth, whether it is a condominium or a vacant lot when we are denied the right to buy land, through economic warfare, against the smoker or undesirable, when we are denied a job and the cost of property put out of our financial reach as the huge developers who get huge tax breaks as they use voodoo economics to control vast amounts of wealth keeping us from our rights our ability to be a David henry Thoreau and live off the land or live and own a place for retirement or to pass on to the next generation so they will not have to work as hard this is an American right, but they criminalize us for trying to make a garden or a home or a life on a vacant lot- this is criminal, this is un-American to better ones self is a right they try to deny us the hippie, the smoker, the heterosexual, the gay all have a right to prosper but when they deny the socially undesirable that right they deny every American that right///////////////////////////////// My Experience -homelessness My experience with being homeless has been an eye opener- I never thought it would happen to me, but if it could happen to me it could happen to you, it could happen to anyone- eventually – let me tell you what to expect , first off the sanitary condition of living on the streets is horrendous for some reason Americans must have a fear of urinals, toilets and sinks that they keep them locked up in waste closets or require the poor to buy something to use them or urinate in the nearest door way and possibly get arrested for indecent exposure or some other sex crime. Get ready to give up all privacy and dignity, although our forefathers built elaborate bath houses and free opera seats for the poor not in today's society homelessness is a multi billion dollar business. And although there are some good people working within the system to help the homeless the system is badly broke and overwhelmed – get ready to stand in long lines all day long for day old food or for a shelter to spend the night In of course with fifty other men on a matt in one large room and with curfew is the best you could expect . For the homeless to accomplish one simple task in a day is a big accomplishment. what would normally take someone an hour at the most now can take all day. This system is so badly broke that I have to wonder if the hidden agenda is to feed the prison empire force the people into prison labor if they refuse to work for minimum wage or slave labor moving the homeless on from one spot to another and other physiological warfare that most homeless end up cracking and or becoming a medical experiment denying the homeless any type of security not allowing them to put up tents or use any Porta potties and with no place to store your stuff its either stolen while asleep or taken from the street cleaners so the homeless go out and steel anything that rolls our forefathers at least could have a mule or a horse to move their stuff; it seem the whole system is to make criminals out of the people where they can spend $ 30,000 a year to keep them locked away TOO many times I have seen people running out of stores into moving traffic to try to steal some food. Too many times I have seen desperate people take desperate action when only a few dollars would've kept the poor happy. let me tell you what my typical day is I get to sleep in the subway about 1:AM where noises -beeping - street cleaners and drunks are all ways present, I am awaken at 4:AM and moved on where I try to find a dry semi warm place to crash then again I am awaken at 6:AM forced to keep moving, no sitting or laying as my resumes and job search go out to a black hole looking for work becomes less and less important- I spend my day SPANGING (begging for SPAre chanNGE ) when I get enough money I can travel for hours, walking LUGGING MY STUFF around to get to a place where I can take a shower for 15 minutes that runs from hot to cold water of course going through a security that tears your bag apart while all the people stand around looking at everything you have ( tighter than airport security) either that or join some right wing religious organization who is going to save my soul, the American idea of self-reliance and independence are put to shamble as you are forced to become more and more reliant on a system that doesn’t work and forced to associate and stand in long lines with those who lack any education except how to fight or what the latest big Drama going on between bums yes some of these people are crazy, lazy, criminals or ex criminals , some are heavy drug users some are really good people but if the medical monopoly cant cure them why should the state criminalize them its so sad to see good people who are 60-90% fine most of the time but then have a terrible addiction and instead of the state caring they criminalize us and work to make criminals out of us for even asking for change which only causes more and more crime and violence but I see more are just decent people who've played by the rules all their life only to have the system steal it all, the middle class is under attack and the poor have been under attack a long time in my opion there are a few things they could do before they come after you 1. Let the people put up tents in vacant lots- some of these people will never could never fit any other way 2. Put a tax on vacant property that doubles every year that way they would lower their prices or pay the tax 3. Supply these addicts with compassionate care if the gangs can keep drug illegal they can profit – take the profit out and you will end the huge addiction problem or keep watching more and more people fall victim as they take away his will( the only thing that can stop the drug problem is education and freedom of choice) 4. If schools cant teach peace and tolerance then close them, the key to a Strong democracy is liberty and tolerance (Ben Franklin) 5. Get these high risk people who might want to commit a crime and PAY FOR PROGRESS pay them for being good citizens its a hell of a lot cheaper than incarcerating them and read more in the books ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM – or AN OPENING FOR THE LIVING both by The corrupt Columbia Missouri prosecutor is a perfect example of what the talibomb is doing to attack the free American. 3 safety nets for the American people failed and are failing nationwide. #1 the Police- every arrest equals a failure if a teacher keeps failing its students then it’s time to replace the teacher. 115,000 arrest just in the city of New York that’s 115,000 people who are slowly learning to hate. In Columbia Mo. Without evaluating the true facts in the case they decided to target the drinker, the smoker, the unmarried, or the immoral, and then these gay Nazi get some school janitor who likes to look and agrees not to press charges against him (was he taught or conditioned?)If he testifies against the innocent. (Of course the same and similar circumstances in Virginia when the police targeted the navy men, CBS 60 minutes show) without any facts they make up these wild stories to convict. But then even the navy officers are too afraid to down load anything but will trade ship movements and other top secret info for the possibility of getting laid. #2 the prosecutor, let’s put the magnifying glass on these people’s lives, they need to be brought to justice, is it just the governor of New York who will spend $ 5,000.00 to get his rocks off? In the Missouri case, refusing to look at any of the true facts they get to play god and if you won’t bend over for one of these gay cowards you become their next victim. Refusing to see the true facts in the case they take these wild stories and demand the jury convict, follow the law- don’t seek justice. Don’t look at how much pressure, torture, or outright payments were made that led up to the accusation in the first place, no all that is ignored, the prosecutor can operate with impunity and once they place their lie against the innocent no one dare to risk a promotion to challenge their lie for the next agent just has to work harder to prove it. Even Senator Steven of Alaska was targeted. Hearne Texas, duke university the list goes on and on and with no recourse for their victims. #3. The jury whose sole duty is to insure justice, not to convict unless it is beyond a reasonable doubt, how much did the state spend to make this person a convict? 12.9 million dollars? To tell you that Tommy Chong is a criminal for selling glass art work out of state? The jury needs to make sure the state grows up stop playing victim all the time, what’s between god and man is no one else business but the parties involved, was the jury based on Christian forgiveness? Not passing judgment? And if chosen to pass judgment did they error on the side of liberty and tolerance, peace and forgiveness or did they believe the lies and propaganda of the people who profit off Hover Holiday hotel? As they can make $250.00 from a pack of cigarette and carry out over 200,000 gay rapes in American prisons? These people are just immorals and would be better off under these gay cowards control, whom the governor of California declared some of these people should be behind bars themselves. Unable to keep drugs, cell phone or crime out of their prisons we are suppose to give up our freedom, how long are we to live under these gay Nazi targeting, claiming to be exempt from the ten commandments doing their evil deed to target the heterosexual, the Berkeley subversive but then they have their population control, and America just has to keep cutting back on social security until more and more of us are forced to convert or die. Science fiction or science fact read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND bring the real criminals to justice $ 40,000.00 per day just 1 pot shop makes in Denver including taxes that money that’s now should be going to help the people out. While in every other major city these Nazi are ripping off the people, pushing their chemicals and poison. It’s time we take back our streets, it’s time we restore the free enterprise system and bring the real criminals to justice, its time that they end the charade admit they control the crave and end their genocide, their war on our freedom and liberty read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM @ Your tax dollars Lets look at your tax dollars at work- while the Swiss pay their citizens $1,500.00 a month for being Swiss- Alaska only pays its citizens $ 400.00 a year- everyone knows advertising works and although their violence is acceptable in all its forms, the goodness of god, peace and love is demonized- look at Egypt and all the x-billions of dollars spent on that county, now the Muslim brother hood (which was created by England and the US )to bring unity to them, are carrying out alcida style attacks – alcida Created by the US to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan against the Russians now fighting against the Americans, and with the x-billion dollars spent on Pakistan which is dominated by right wing Muslim extremist (millions spent printing the koran in Nebraska for them) and in Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra backed by the US brought a drug war to their county killing over 1,500 people and is now tearing it apart, no longer many problems from the south armed groups of Muslim extremist infiltrating the country but just now to create divided amongst the people so the gays can wage economic warfare and stop the immoral girls from profiting, Thaksin Shinawatra was finally forced to seek refugee status is Saudi Arabia, proving they were backing him the whole time.Since the 1916 the oil industry has had unprecedented exemptions and subsidies (welfare for the rich) while the Muslims convert the richest 1% even the prince of England now converted to Muslim. while are schools are filled with violence and shootings you know they are graduates of their zero tolerance program – you have zero tolerance for me ill have zero tolerance for you and that will get us no where. we need to insure that our tax dollars and our big business within the boarders are supporting the ideas of America, freedom-liberty-truth and justice and equality, instead of big business fighting against the little mans property rights, because the tobacco companies cant take the poisons out of our cigarettes or protecting us from emanate domain the middle class is under attack , the poor’s been under attack a long time. While the CEOs make $ 4,000.00 an hour and the super rich like Goldman Sachs, the Walton and many others super rich avoid paying any tax at all, they demand we drug test all American employees don’t worry about the Chinese or imports from slave labor or drug testing any of them, no need for them to follow any environmental laws, no we have been giving the big corporations tax breaks while our government over regulates our small business eliminating the competition from their cheep imports. targeting the 99% the 1% effort to use fraudulent science, propaganda, lobbing and buying votes to spend endlessly criminalizing our citizens spending 12.9 million dollars targeting Cheech and Chong and all they could get him for was selling glass art work out of state, another American small business bites the dust- they carry out their drug war as a genocide spending $ 30,000.00 a year plus on prisoners while making a billion off of collect phone calls from them another billion off uniforms, another from construction, they tell you its just black on black crimes- they tell you they cant do anything about all the crime and violence except more jails more police while they refuse to look at the root causes. The extreme poverty and depravation of our citizens while people on the streets have to fight over cigarette buds the rich enjoy their $ 1,000.00 lunches, while it only took one person working back in the 1950s today two people working cant even afford anything its time we restore the land of the free not the land with the largest jail population restructure the taxes to help the people, to serve and protect not persecute and oppress read more in the book about Christian and freedom @ The network Science fiction or science fact - The network is a group of people who have infiltrated all aspects of the government, selling out our personal liberty’s and civil rights using baseless and fraudulent science from the FDA, FBI,CIA and NSA working to attack the middle class and small business. While any highly questionable study can win FDA approval, weed- marijuana that the American deceleration of independence was written on is criminalized classified as dangerous as heroin, backed by the oil industry the (some Arabs, talibomb Muslim and gays) they have recently turned the land of the freed into the one having the largest jail and criminal population in the world. Forcing us to give up out property rights our individual rights because the medical establishment has been able to create an unquestionable world monopoly. A monopoly that for profit has even patented the human genes, as they work to create a anti-drinking- anti -smoking world, selling out our MORTAL rights and what it means to be human. This medical establishment who owes its very existence to the oil industry uses fraudulent science outright lies and propaganda. They have been able to criminalize our modern day Thomas Edison’s, a coke head, Sigmund Freud, ship builders, industrialist, musicians and artists- they have been able to change America, gutting our industrial base-it’s not about everyone having an equal opportunity it’s about the 1 % ceasing control. God is the grate enabler, they profit only by denying us God and his natural goodness. They ignore a billion dollar paper industry, clothing industry, building industry and plastic industry from hemp, Henry Ford knew he could make plastics far superior and more environmentally sound from marijuana, he knew we could have fuel for $098.cents a gallon from weed and that MONEY would stay local but the oil industry has been able to buy tax subsidies and votes to criminalize our modern day Thomas Jeffersons, George Washingtons and many of our forefathers. Bails of hemp –weed moved up and down the Mississippi river100 years ago, for it took drugs and courage to settle the old west and anyone would a fool to believe the future would be any difference the only difference is are we going to continue to let a small group of select gods in white coats and their bounty hunter, (who just don’t make designer steroids for the jocks, but they control the crave,) not just with their nicotine patch, they want to control our thoughts with their endorphin studies and experiments using drugs and mind control for their profit, they continue to sell out our freedom and liberty – making the mass pay endlessly for the medical monopolies incompetence while denying the Americans the God given right to the power over the plants and animals. Science fiction or science fact you decide read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM@ amazon.com face book- smok The attack The recent decision to allow the gays to convert the heterosexual while in prison and then marry him shows the necessity that the heterosexual needs equal rights. we should be allowed to have opposite sex cells weather its hookers or prostitute’s we should have the right to enjoy them in the same cells so that we can convert them back to a heterosexual life- if a human is in prisoned in a small cell with another person he/ she will be human and explore and enjoy the sex that God meant to be enjoyed , regardless of what sex they are, Hover has been dead a long time, It is time the heterosexual get equal rights and since the vast majority of the people who are in prisons are illegal drug users, which means the medical monopoly was too incompetent to give these people what they needed or wanted or they are veterans, American soldiers who became a victim of some fat cow or overzealous prosecutor who decided it would be easier to make a false accusation against her husband or smoker than to live with him. Since all porn is gay these immoral men (heterosexuals) would be better off in hovers holiday hotel learning of the new morality they promote in jail- and there pants below their ass they promote on the streets(showing they are ready for taking it) when no DNA, no torn clothing, no scratches are needed, when no victim to testify against them ,when all that’s needed is a baseless accusation to convict him then any children can be used as pawns and weapons in any unfriendly divorces, and what other type of divorce is there but unfriendly. They got married so they could have sex, and now if the other party has changed their mind and doesn’t want to get married, they are now the immoral one that needs to be locked away. Everyone will believe it took years for them to get to a phone or that the priest or pimp forcefully held the child or prostitute against their will and kept them from getting to a phone for years, right. Its time we look to see if some of these fat cows and corrupt prosecutors (corrupt when over half the death penalty cases in Illinois are over turned because of DNA proving their innocence’s it is proof the prosecutor’s did not do a good job of explaining what a jury is there for, to ensure justice and to keep the state in check not rubber stamp an overzealous gay prosecutor who is making accusations against our troops against our heterosexuals but are really working to promote Hovers demented and gay Arab agenda read more in the book ABOUT CHRISTIANS AND FREEDOM///////////////////////*

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