Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The addictions of Americans

The addictions of Americans All though recent talk about the addictions of the smokers – people smoking and using Gods natural plant or sitting around getting drunk or stoned, we need to look at the real addiction, like T.V, computers and work. While we turn a blind eye to the couch potatoes sitting on their couches eating there potato chips filling their minds with all types of fear, hate, propaganda and violence we fail to look at the true cost to their health( since they are looking at the smokers health) what does it takes to produce for their addiction? not only the TV shows they have to produce but all the movies, all the plastic, all the metal all the pollution they create, all the environmental damage they do to our air, our water that supply their addiction, not to mention their addiction to clothing( its not needed except for social norms) all the environmental damage they do getting to and from work and how it affects their health and mental state where do they get off on condemning the smoker for something that has Historical, natural, ancestral, neurological , genetic and religious right? It’s about time we look at the real addiction and not worry about what is nobody else business.

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