Saturday, February 15, 2014

to take over America

William Tydendale Mark twain Henry David Thoreau Allen Ginsberg Jack Kerovac Henry David Thoreau J. D. Salinger The catcher and the rye Hunter S. Thompson Fear and loathing in las Vegas William s. Burroughs Smoking Spirit These great writers challenged the fraudulent social norms of the time, they were called crazies and would have been drugged or forced to take the medical monopolies drugs they push. Why was it ok for Burroughs to have been forced to take the medical monopolies drugs that killed his spirit as they denied him the natural way? Look at how many other greats have fallen victim Elvis, Hendrix, Joplin only those who have a irreverence to the social norms can save us. How the Taliban are using Hovers program to take over America Results are the facts and byproduct that speak for themselves, what they did to the Berkeley subversives, economic, social, financial, emotional, and electronic warfare was just the start; Hover was a master gay transvestite who targeted his heterosexual opponents and taught the Iranians how to have their secret police, to promote their more family oriented society. lynyrd skynyrd couldn’t stay in Georgia long, “preacher man makes me feel right at home” the south didn’t want to accept the courts desegregation laws, and what better way than to have a drug war- the US was responsible for over 10,000 deaths from poison alcohol during probation, the small pox blankets they gave to the Indians, the Dachau for the gays (who were just crazies) was Edgewood, they tortured the gays (Wired magazine) in the 1960s to cure them of their gayness. These programs that were supposed to be against the gays were really against the heterosexual and the facts show that they have been taken over by the talibomb (Taliban who blow themselves up) to use against the American male and the not so perfect troops, or the smoker. They can take the oomph out of alcohol and spray the weed with parquet knowing it did nothing but give the smoker cancer, life in prison for a small amount of weed- 5 years in hovers holiday hotel only to convert them, these results such as Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Detroit, Pennsylvania, St Louis show the radicalization and the byproduct of a few corrupt prosecutors that have immunity, they are free to operate with impunity as they forcefully convert America targeting the heterosexual male and its troops, making them homeless attacking the small business Their economic, social and emotional sabotage is relentless- until they can get him to commit a crime or look.- From the girls gone wild videos to someone owning a playboy magazine with Madonna in it(underage ), they target the immoral who looks- what moral upstanding Christian would not join them in condemning the modern day leopard, Christ and his parents, king David’s and his wives, Ruth or the Good Samaritan? stacking the population with more and more Muslims and right wing and red states denying the American male the single Thai or Philippian girl denying the heterosexual. Even Damascus Syria was a peaceful diverse city then a few radical Muslim open fire on the state, some say using chemical weapons against other rebels to make it look like the state did it and America decides to support the rebels who cut out the persons hart and eats it or barbeque a human head. They target the American male doing whatever it takes to make him a criminal And when they finely call a trial you will not be able to serve on it yourself unless you agree to convict someone with No DNA, No torn clothing, No bruises or scratches once a female make an accusation against the American male even if they claim it took years to get to a phone you must agree to convict- when Hover made the accusation that a person was gay no one dare risk a promotion to challenge their lie. Hover system was to label is now expanded and has been used in divorce cases for years the talibomb, the Muslim can now get the corrupt prosecutors to use this system that Hover himself used to target his heterosexual opponent’s or the immoral American male. The State refuses to grow up and can play victim all the time and the immoral American is there target with the advent of computers and SNAP to protest the troops and the priest are easy targets. While over ½ the Muslim converts get jobs when they get out of prison the other ½ is converted to do far worse things especially after years of denying a marriage proposal from his gay cell mate, the heterosexuals is not allowed to live with his wife but the gays can. Forced to live under the moral system Hovers had created demanding the people in jails fight for the simple basic necessities of life- is the system the Taliban is now using against the Americans, these corrupt prosecutors continue to add to Americas overflowing prison system, making victim out of people when there are none and although they will claim they were just trying to arrest one person who went out jogging every morning –in wacko-what they really wanted to do is slaughter the women and children who wouldn’t join them in their phony morality or their new gay agenda promoted by changing the judicial system, claiming it takes years to get to a phone or that the American male is guilty with no DNA, no cuts and sometimes no victim even if all he did was look ,he will be forced in to hovers holiday hotel to teach him of the Taliban morality and the Americas new gay agenda and population control that these corrupt prosecutors are promoting.

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